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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [11 Jun 2012 | Monday]


Every word in the Bible has tremendous importance as we attempt to understand the meanings of the doctrine being given. The words of Jesus are of particular importance, because only through Him can we be saved !!! Although it is true that the Bible has the miraculous quality of appealing to each one of us personally and individually, it does not mean that everything said belongs to each of us. There are some that teach and believe that all things described in the New Testament are meant for all of us, but this is not true… We must be very careful to understand to whom Jesus is speaking and if He gives certain gifts to these people, they are meant only for those to whom He is speaking. However, the lesson or doctrine about which He is talking is meant for us all.

There are different groups of people and Jesus speaks to each one of these different groups giving different tasks and information. First, there were the Apostles, secondly, there are His disciples and then there is everyone else. When Jesus speaks to only the Apostles, these are the only people that will be able to accomplish the tasks that they are given. An example of this is the “ Great Commission” during which He gives His remaining Apostles great powers. As we see later on, especially in the Book of Acts that the Apostles did do many miraculous events even to raising people from the dead. Clearly, all believers do not have these powers and we are not supposed to believe that we can raise people from the dead, so we see that the words were meant for that group only. But, the lesson was that He had the power to give these gifts as well as many other things as He explains that all power is given to Him.

When Jesus speaks to the multitudes during the “Sermon on the Mount”, this is entirely a different circumstance. At this time, Jesus is speaking to all mankind and everything He says can be taken by any person and used to understand and improve their lives and possibility of salvation. In the Gospel of Mark, we see that Jesus tells the listeners that “…whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed….” that all people come under the heading of “whosoever”, and every person is included no matter what they believe.

But, the largest group of people to whom Jesus directs His words and lessons are His disciples. He gives them explanations of the parables and instructs them in the proper actions for living a Christian life. He also explains that although many think of themselves as disciples, that when the door is shut, that these people will argue that they did much of what Jesus instructed them to do and yet Jesus tells them to depart from Him because He never knew them !!!

We have spoken before about “claiming Christianity” and how that means nothing if the total commitment to being a disciple of Jesus is not sincere.  The lessons given in the New Testament include almost all human experiences and how we should react to these as we experience different situations. We also see how many people left Jesus because they feared giving up certain materialistic aspects of their lives. Jesus knows who are His elect and gives certain promises to these people. This does not mean that an honest disciple will receive greater benefits on earth, because they are available to all. But, the Spirit does give the elect certain understand that allows these people to use these benefits to increase the possibility of contentment on earth as well as being able to enter the Kingdom upon their death.

Again, we repeat what we have said many times before and that is that Christianity is not a state of mind but a sincere state of being. We are either a true believer or we are not… We cannot pick and choose what we want to do and alter the Bible to suit our desires and then claim that we adhered to all of the requirements of being a disciple according to the altered Bible. God has given us the right to accept or deny His invitation, but His offer is based upon His words and His Bible, not words of some that have interpreted the Bible to suit their agenda. People believe whatever they find convenient and claim to be Christian and this is a huge risk to take !!!

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