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12:04 PM   [08 Jun 2012 | Friday]

"The Righteous"

In another place under an article dealing with governmental integrity of representation came this question:

qt - "How many of us are Righteous?"

For years I have wondered about this terms implication.

Such as, how far can you acceptably press a blog if you typed in the title bar "I am righteous"? If by faith you are justified, sanctified and sealed with the Spirit so that you could stand evil on its head in one stroke, towering in the fear of God to keep humility before, and temptation off. Or if in your life, you've experienced a headlong fall has been addressed, if this is said to happened, is it trepidation that keeps the discussion away from the celebration of righteousness as something yet to be attained?

What then, too general, or feelings of never quite being able to measure up, or just something too foreign to take upon us as a spirit of pride (though it is by His work).

Without hesitation, the regulars on T2O might point out forum findings over this. But I found little has yet to be discussed on the general term. Always indications leading to it.

Asking any self-professing Christian will confirm back to you that before coming to Christ, that "none" are considered "righteous". Now among this same group, and add a little patience of trying their faith of hearing the gospel will the "few" of those stand to be counted. Those who retained the will of God for their lives steadily. Conversely, yet without contradiction, passages tell from "many" who are called, a select "few" will be "chosen". I think I can safely insert on behalf of all an agreement that "few" being referred to soundly attributes those "righteous" living on earth (I Peter 4:18).

To me with this in mind, it isn't so much a matter of are we capable or not, no. But as unknowingly (as usual) folks want to hop on a qualifier of "righteousness" as unattainble driving their numbers up among us as weak hearers only. The explanations of reason just aren't apparent enough for some. Sometimes the laws of nature apply, but not here.

For those who deserve to apply to unrighteousness have for themselves a way out by faith. For all that Christ fulfilled, never is it more clearly laid out that God is known as unwilling to preserve any to destruction, but that "all" come to repentance and the "peaceable fruit of righteousness" (Heb 12:11).

In my thinking then there are two camps. One agrees to fully wrestling with the thought.

"Few" to the righteous as righteous because many of their numbers forfeit their dusty confidence.


"Many" to the unaware because of a much more tolerant inclusion of Christianity.

Bless you!



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