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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:30 PM   [07 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


The reason that most Christians do not spend much time reading the Old Testament is beyond understanding. Many are advised to read it once and then concentrate their studies on the New Testament, but this is a great error in judgment. Even the Jews spend their time on just the first five books of the Old Testament and this is even more difficult to understand. Do not be misled into believing that the Old Testament is of little value for Christian edification. The Old Testament is the entire basis for Christian principles and doctrine as well as a never ending source of information concerning the nature of man and the workings of Satan against man. We cannot over emphasize the importance of the fact that the first human experience described in the Bible is man being influenced by Satan. This was not done randomly, but it was deliberate and extremely important. However, the essence of the Old Testament is to give us insight into the nature of man and his interaction with God. Also, it is essential to know from what we were redeemed and without knowledge of Old Testament stories and lessons, we cannot grasp the meaning of some of the information given to us in the New Testament. Many times, Old Testament stories are used to illustrate a point or principle, but not knowing the story makes it impossible for us to understand…

There contains the answers to every question that man has in order to live a full and fruitful life. It describes the workings of Satan and the methods that he uses which is extremely useful in our fight to resist him. It also contains the Laws and Commandments given to Moses, and these rules still apply to us as Christians. When God tells us that He will write His Laws and Commandments in our hearts, it would be a good idea to know what they are…

Every human experience is described in some way within the stories of the Old Testament as well as how we should react to the different experiences that we will face during our lives. It also tells us of the ramifications of being disobedient to God and this still is relevant today. The wisdom of the world is contained in Old Testament books and stories, and we are given this information to make our lives simpler because we are given the methods to handle every circumstance that we will encounter. Much of the misunderstanding of New Testament principles can be traced back to the lack of knowledge of Old Testament doctrine. In fact, God tells us that His people are slaughtered everyday because of lack of knowledge. We must ask ourselves why the Christian Bible contains both New and Old Testaments unless both are essential to the understanding of Christian ideals…

The stories and books of the Old Testament are filled with knowledge that is given to us for our benefit. We need not reinvent the wheel whenever we find ourselves on unfamiliar ground because there is an answer or direction given to us for every experience of man in the Old Testament. Another great lesson that we learn is the workings of Satan and with that knowledge, we are able to resist his constant attempts to cause us problems because knowledge is power and the Old Testament is filled with knowledge…

The Old Testament also gives us explanations for many things that are happening today. The world has not changed in all this time and we see corruption in government and deception as a method of keeping the common man where government wants it to be, and it is a manual for how and why these things take place. The nature of man has not changed, except maybe for the worse, but we get a better understanding of this from the Old Testament. These aspects are not discussed to any extent in the New Testament because God expects us to read His entire manual, but most do not…

Also, the stories are extremely interesting and we meet many exciting people and we see how they handled situations that are not dissimilar to those that we experience today. It is essential reading and worth studying in order to better understand the true meaning of being a Christian !!!

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