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Don't Miss the Now

As the Spirit of God was moving mightily in a worship service I had attended one day, the flow of God’s anointing was suddenly cut short as the speaker approached the microphone and began to talk about something of another topic.


Immediately I became bothered in my spirit and started reasoning within myself. Why? Why didn’t they just seize the moment of worship, allowing the Spirit to have His complete way. Well, maybe they did. Maybe it was just me. Maybe it was what I wanted at that moment. Then I heard the Spirit speak into my spirit, “Don’t miss the now.”


Later on, that same day, one of my friends was writing about how sometimes we just need to “Claim it Now”. Nobody had to tell me anything else. God was speaking….giving me confirmation. He was telling me “Don’t Miss the Now” and I really felt in my spirit that someone else needed to know this….“Don’t Miss the Now.”


When I thought I had received what God was saying, God wanted me to understand just how important this was.  I guess I had not gotten it in my spirit as He wanted me to. The next day, I was having a discussion with my husband and he said, “We can’t be so worried about what’s GOING to happen, we have to worry about NOW.” I would have chosen not to use the word “worry” in this sense, but those were his exact words…and that was not the point. How many times was God going to speak this word to me? Until I had truly received it. God will speak something to us repeatedly, until we truly have received it. He knows what it takes.


Scripture talks about something very important, now faith. “Now faith”, mentioned in Hebrews 11:1, should never be exchanged for future hope. Each has its place. There are some things that require a “right now action” or a “right now response”.  Sometimes we are so focused on the “then” that we overlook the “now” allowing it to pass us right by. You can usually assure that things that are supposed to occur “now” will never occur in the same degree “then”, once missed, unless God chooses otherwise, but how can we assure that God will choose otherwise?


In order to understand why seizing “now” is so important and should never be exchanged for any other moment, we must understand that “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccles. 3:1). Understanding this makes things come into perspective much more clearly and, clearly I see that I do not want to miss the “now”. Remember, it is the “now” that makes up the “then”. Don’t be so caught up on living in the future that you forget to live right “now”.


Today is the day! “Don’t Miss the Now!”


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