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Gender: Male
Age: 46 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 04/30/2012

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9:49 AM   [04 Jun 2012 | Monday]


Ah, road construction – how we love it so much that we do our best to try to get around it the fastest way possible!  As I woke up this morning, I heard the sounds of a dump truck backing up down my street numerous times.  I did not know that they had shut my road down to use it as a by pass for work trucks to get to the area they were working on.


As I was sitting in my truck, I was waiting for another dump truck to come backing down the street – as it got to my truck it stopped!  I was blocked in and no where to go – as the time was ticking away, my thoughts were, great now I will be late, why are they doing this, why didn’t we get a notice and WHEN IS HE GOING TO MOVE!


Finally, he began to move again – as I began to drive I felt the Lord speak to me and about “road construction” in our spiritual walk.  Why do we need it, what is in the process of construction and the difference, once completed.




Many of us are one Christian boulevard taking in the sites as we journey through this life.  On this journey, we at times, have decided to create our own little side roads –thinking “this is the way” to His will. Or this is the way to get His spirit to move – and we may find ourselves right outside of His intended will and purposes.


Road construction is to fix a road that is need of repair…Pretty easy to understand.  It may have potholes, (traps from the enemy) we apply the Word of God in those areas.  The road may get widen – this could be someone expanding their sphere of authority – walking with others due to the revelation that we are not called to do it on our own!  Maybe a toll station is being added – at season that we begin to really understand the cost of laying our life down for the things of the Kingdom.  Lastly, they could be re-striping the lines – God gives us clarity in our boundaries that keep us safe, on track and in His will – it clearly defines our path to stay on track!




So how do the “pot holes” get filled in?  First, we have to determine where the hole was created – how did we fall in it – this usually will have to do with repentance and healing of the issue that has left a wound.  We do not want to just get to the root, but fill the “hole” in with the Fathers love, Word and grace so it can not become an issue again.


Widening the road – This is a great part of construction in  our walk.  Everyone that calls on the name of Jesus should have a group of people to stand with.  We are not called to walk alone, minister alone or be alone on this journey.  The Lord is into team work – remember He sent out the seventy, another time He sent them out by two’s?  We need to find other believers that have a passion, desire and goals that align us with each other –to serve the body to the fullness.  Do not take a detour, but stay focused and allow the Lord to show you the team He has in store – of allow Him to fix the team you are on!



The area where many try to go around and not realize that is will do more damage then gain.  We need to come to a place and realize the power that really comes with laying it all down for the Kingdom.  We may view it as,sacrifice but it really is obedience. Jesus paid the price we are called enforce it.  He is looking for obedience, not sacrifice.  So times we may get this confused and rather give a “sacrifice” then obedience. 


As we travel this road – our obedience goes from a heart of“well it’s a sacrifice” to “I love to be obedient” its much more rewarding.  Obedience comes out of a relationship founded on Love – sacrifice comes from and unsettling foundation.  We should love to be obedient – which allows His love to shine in us, through us and around us!


I hope today that you will see in some why the construction he Lord may be doing in your walk.  Take it as a upgrade and not as though you are doing wrong, but the Lord doing His part in helping you become the great masterpiece He created you to be!  Just as i did not know that they were going to do construction on my road today - the same is true with the Lord - Sometimes we do not know when He is going to begin to work on our heart - so stay open to His tugging!


Enjoy the construction, think about the end result – if the construction is done right, the new road that is built is so much more pleasing to ride along – then the old one with pot holes and strips you can barely see –He is the perfect craftsman – allow the construction to continue and see the beauty that He is transforming in your heart today!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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