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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:18 PM   [02 Jun 2012 | Saturday]


There are many things that the Bible tells us that it would be better if we did not do them.  However, today, in these times of self gratification and the desire to do whatever we want, many of these suggestions have been ignored or just disregarded. If we take as an example the suggestion that women should not wear a lot of jewelry, we can look more closely at this and discover that it is actually in the best interest of the person to listen to this application of doctrine. Jewels, in reality, have no actual value except for the price that was put on it by the jeweler. However, by wearing these ornaments, they are a display of wealth and pride as well as the opportunity for someone to steal them and we worry about this. Wearing jewelry is not the issue, but it is the worry with which we are concerned.

Worry usually advances to concern which advances to fear which advances to anxiety which advances to panic… If we look closely at the doctrine concerning things we should or should not do, we will find that all of the suggestions would prevent needless worry and our lives would be without anxiety. Fear is a powerful emotion, but not one with which we were born. It is something that we learn and usually at a very early age. The child knows nothing, and then someone, usually a parent, tells the child that there is nothing to fear by doing this or that, and the child begins to wonder why this was said. The child was not worried, but because of what was said, it begins to learn fear. An example of this may be going to the dentist for the first time. What actually happened is that, in fact, the parent has a fear of the dentist and by saying that there is nothing to fear, the child becomes concerned.

So, we learn fear and as we get older, we begin to accumulate things and worry about those objects. We put alarm systems in our homes and lock ourselves into our houses when we go to sleep, and the truth is that a professional thieve does not even care about the alarms or any other means we use to protect our belongings. The issue here is our concerns and worries about objects that are truly meaningless, but our lives become filled with fear of losing these useless things which can always be replaced anyway. But, we have placed great importance to our earthly belongings and disregarded the words of God…

Jesus tells us not to worry about anything, not today nor tomorrow because He will give to us everything that we need. People fear the future because they do not know what it will bring, but what they really do is fill their minds with monsters and become afraid. Of course, or friend Satan is always there reassuring us that our fears are legitimate and creating doubt in our minds, but that is his job… We worry about everything and those worries never solved a problems and very seldom, if ever, do the things we worry about occur. But, what is happening is that we are not showing our trust and belief in the promises of God, in fact, we are showing just the opposite !!!

God will never let us down, but sometimes He has difficulty doing things for us because we get in His way. Once we give our lives to God, we have nothing to ever worry about again. This is a fact, but Satan will be working hard to create doubt and concern about all that we have and the problem is that we listen to him… A true believer will overcome the attempts of Satan to cause us to worry instead of placing our total trust in God. Locks and alarm systems are meaningless, but faith in God and His promises is all that we need to eliminate worry in our lives. This is easy to say, but not so easy to do because of the way the world has become so materialistic. But, things are just objects that can be replaced and as we begin to understand this principle, we begin to see and understand why certain suggestions were made in the Bible as to how we should behave. And, when we finally reach the point of total trust in the protection God promised to us, we gain a sense of relief and contentment…

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