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12:34 PM   [25 May 2012 | Friday]

Why Should We Fear ?

Isaiah 41:10

Why is it that we are so easily overcome with fear ? The truth is that it doesnt take much to fill the average person with fear, anxiety, and dread. Believers are not immune to the control of fear either. We to sometimes allow fear to wreak havoc on our minds and our lives.

The world is full of things that can make us fearfull . Sudden illness or job loss, the loss of a spouse either through death or divorce, or simply just the fact that we live in a violent world, are enough to fill us with anxiety.

But we as believers do not have to allow ourselves to be controlled by all of the "what ifs" in life. We have a heavenly Father who loves us and will help us. In this verse found in Isaiah we hear God, our God, tell us "Fear not". This is a command from God. And not only does He tell us to not fear but He also tells us why we should not fear. He says that we should not fear because he will "strengthen", "help", and "uphold us". We should not fear because He is with us and He is and will be active in our lives. Those words imply action and activity.

The truth is that we are His children. He has made Himself responsible for us. God has not changed. He will do this for all who follow Him. We can rest safely knowing that He is with us, working in our lives. He is there to help us when we are fearfull. When we get sudden bad news He is there. When our hopes are dashed He is there. When we feel that we cannot go on He is there.

So let us not fear. Instead let us trust our lives into His all powerfull, all loving hands.

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