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10:29 AM   [24 May 2012 | Thursday]

Authority in Christ - What is it?

Hello friends – it’s a beautiful day and we should be rejoicing in the things of the Lord!


Today I want to share a little on Authority in Christ – this will be brief due to the fact it is a snapshot taken from my Book “speaking with Authority” that will be out later this year.


Authority is about faith,assurance, position and posture before the Lord – we can all say we have authority but do all of us walk in it? Anyone that have a faithful relationship with the Lord has the ability to move in His authority – He left it with us to use against the enemy and spiritual mountains we may face today.


In the church today, there are many “views” on what is authority though Christ; who has the right to minister within that realm and how to implement it into our walk rooted in Christ.  Let’s take a practical, insightful adventure in breaking down what true authority is and how we apply it in our life as a Christian.


If we are going to speak, pray and declare with authority, we must understand what authority is, correct?  Webster’s Dictionary says this about“Authority”:

(1)   : a citation (as from a book or file) used in defense or support (2):the source from which the citation is drawn: a conclusive statement or set of statements (as an official decision of a court): a decision taken as a precedent (3):power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior: freedom granted by one in authority: persons in command; specifically: convincing force.


Take a minute and think about some of these words that define what “authority” is and who has the right to enforce its effects.  First it states that it is a citation from a “book”.  The Bible is our book that we use in our teachings and intercession to release citations to the enemy!  We must use the Word of the Lord and release a citation to the enemy and enforce the victory that is ours!


Our words alone do not carry the authority,but the anointing and the right to speak through the name of Jesus releases the ability to see the Gospel shared, the sick healed, demons flee and the dead raised for the His glory.


Another definition we find is “power to influence”.  That is an interesting definition.  Who or what are we trying to influence?  Our goal is to influence those that are lost and hurting, but it may mean to enforce our “power of influence” (this does not mean we have the right or ability to change someone’s will) in the spirit over those things are keeping them captive.  This is where we enter into the spiritual battle and confess from a place of victory as we call them into the Kingdom of God – i.e. salvation for all that are lost and are willing to give an ear to hear what the Lord is saying!


The last one to look at is “freedom granted from one that is in authority” ultimately this is the Lord. As He granted us salvation, we have the right and ability to show others a place of freedom through Christ. Again, authority is to be used to bring the salvation found in Christ to earth through our words and actions.

Authority is not exercising “lip service” by repeating fancy prayers before the Heavens, but an attitude of reverence for our Lord.  We may speak,but the Lord fulfills the prayers we offer up! A simple example could be the difference between a rent-a-cop and a State Trooper.  A rent-a-cop has been given the right to“represent” themselves as an authority figure till a State Trooper arrives on the scene, but the Trooper has the right to declare the famous statement of authority “you have the right to remain silent”. 


The same for us, to move in the power that is in the name of Jesus to govern the spiritual atmosphere around our life; we must have a solid foundation in Christ and not just be a Sunday morning seat warmer in Church.  Do you want to be a spiritual rent-a-cop that just “represents” or a heavenly Trooper that actually enforces authority and declares “you have the right to be silent” to your enemy?


I hope this stirs your spirit to think and seek out where you stand in His authority today – to better yourself,family, church and community, we need to operate in His authority to deal with the spiritual realm that we walk in.


I will continue to share on this topic as the spirit leads!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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Frannie | Mon May 28, 2012, 23:05

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I enjoyed your blog, I have been seeing a difference in my sharing and speaking to others as I learn about the Authority the word teaches us about. I know that Jesus said a few times that we will do what he has done. But so true even more when you know that we have authority from the Father. I just had an awsome devotional with the Lord about John the Babtist when the Pharasis were questioning him about the babtising and the delivering message he gave about Jesus coming.  I enjoy knowing that the same power Jesus has we also have, but with that responsibilty must be understood in that positions must be balanced.  

Im glad your blog is focused on the His true word, this is where I am defined!  Thanks for being here!


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