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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [24 May 2012 | Thursday]


There is absolutely no way to overestimate the power of Satan. Most people tend to think of this character as just a nuisance and not understand the immense influence that he has over our lives and all things that happen of earth. And, this is one of his greatest accomplishments and that is to make people think that he has little or no power, but they are sadly mistaken. Although this site, in the realm of all things, is fairly insignificant, Satan has attacked this site many times.  Apparently, this site is not so insignificant to Satan, nor is any other Christian activity. Satan hates God and will do anything to hurt the children of God. The more we know about any subject, the better our chances are of overcoming any attempt at satanic influences in our lives. The very frightening aspect of Satan is that he can transform himself into an angel of light, and that makes him extremely dangerous…

First, we must overcome dismissing Satan as an insignificant character and recognize how very powerful he actually is. The Bible gives us many examples of satanic activities and showed how Satan caused disaster for the chosen of God. We have spoken about Satan and his followers many times because it is essential that we recognize his effect on our lives. No matter what happens in this world, God is in control and He causes it to happen or He allows Satan to control it for reasons known only to God. So, if something that we believe is good happens to us or our loved ones, we naturally think it was from God. But, this is not always true. We must wait and see the outcome of the event before we can know for sure from whom it was given. Satan often gives good things to people, or at least, they appear to be good things, and then they turn out badly. The Bible tells us to test the Spirits for good reason, but too often our desires get in our way of caution…

If we use what has happened on this site as an example, we can get some idea of how Satan works. We have seen him load the pages with nonsense in order to move a good post off the first page. After this happened enough times, many began to understand that it was a satanic activity. Well, this type of thing goes on in our lives also. Satan will interfere with our quest for contentment, but once we recognize that it is Satan that is causing us our problems, we can then begin to fight him off. The more it happens, the sooner we recognize who is causing the problems and soon, we begin to realize it very quickly and fight him off.

We have little power over Satan as individuals, but there is one that when Satan hears His name, Satan and his followers tremble, and that is our lord, Jesus… We can rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and he will flee, but he will not go very far away at first. He will come back as often as he needs to in order to see how committed we are to rebuking him. Unfortunately, we cannot pick and choose when we do not want Satan around because many times we want a little satanic activity in our lives, and that makes it very hard for him to take us too seriously. However, this is the nature of man and we are who we are…

The more we rebuke Satan, the more we find that we become ashamed at those times that we do not mind that he is around. But, we must begin and the first step is to acknowledge his power and influence. The next step is to ask God for guidance and the strength to fight off our own evil desires and that takes commitment. Next, we ask God for the wisdom to know and recognize when Satan is attacking us. And finally, we rebuke him in the name of Jesus… You will find and interesting transformation taking place within your lives if you do these things. You will find that you begin to feel better about yourself, you begin to see that there will be fewer problems in your life and you will see a sense on contentment beginning to develop in your life… It is a no lose situation for anyone that does these few things and it is certainly worth the effort !!!

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