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10:28 AM   [22 May 2012 | Tuesday]

News Headlines - what is the Lord saying?

Hello friends!  Hope you are well in the Lord today…as I got up this morning I asked the Lord what was on His heart that we should share about today – well I didn’t get anything– Nothing!!!


As I logged onto the internet – The Lord put on my heart –“look at the headlines”.  I usually scan across them to see what is going – but really never read the article.  As I was scanning I came across two headlines that I check out.


1.  A Pastor was robbed in Detroit – they stole his Rolex, money and credit cards.

2.  A Pastor was caught on tape saying we should put all the gay people in a fenced in community – fly over them and drop food and watch them pass on into eternity. 

I felt like the Lord asked me what I felt about those headlines – my response was, why did a Pastor get in the news about being robbed?  There are some many robberies a day – what was special about this one?


My other thought was – what the heck is the second Pastor thinking?  Ok, we as believers in Jesus know that gay relations is a sinful lifestyle – but to be so ignorant to make a statement like he made – what a disservice to the community in Christ (my opinion).


So me being me, I asked the Lord what do these stories mean in the spirit, if anything?  Here is what I felt the Lord shared with me.


About the Robbery

1.  They stole his Rolex.  We know that a Rolex is a watch - which in turn represents time.  We as a body need to be watchful of the times at hand and how we use it.  Many in the body of Christ are being “busy” but not in the purpose they were created for.  We can not let the enemy steal away the “time” we have to do the things of the Lord.  We must be certain in what we are doing is truly of the Lord.  Secondly, it is a watch they stole – we know in the gospels Jesus went out to “watch and pray” just as we are to do today – many of us have lost that desire, understanding and motivation to watch and pray – this needs to be restored to see and know what the Lord would have us do today.

2.  They stole his money.  Many believers have fear and worry in regards to the economy.  The economy represents our “money”.  We are called to be good stewards of the blessing the Lord has provided.  We need to stop letting the world take our “money” in terms of buying “stuff” - I am not saying we live a second standard lifestyle – but use wisdom in what you do with your finances.  “Money” is a key in many lives that will either bring “fear” or “safety” to a home.  We must get back on track and turn to the one that is our safety net – Jesus.

3.  They stole his credit cards.  We as Christians are called to not owe “debts” meaning we are not to rack up credit card debt – in this day and age it is very easy to do so – we are called to be “lenders not borrowers” – I would be the first to say, my finances are not “perfect” but we aim and set goals to do so.  We must take a step back and rethink the “debt” we allow ourselves to get into.  If we have “credit card” debt – we need to resolve this to be free from owing anything to this world.  This is another area where many fall into “hopelessness” we are called to be full of hope – the devil doesn’t make you spend money – but he does give you hopelessness. 

These three areas in life; our Time – busy doing things plus“watch and Pray; our finances and credit card debt play a major role in many believers today and we need a change.


I believe this is a call to bring Jesus back to the center of our walk – to be mindful of our time, money and debts.  We must stand guard and not allow the enemy to have his hands on what the Lord has provided!


Second Pastor –comments on the gay community


What does this headline have to do with us?  We as the body of Christ are to set the example of Jesus in all areas of life. 


This is what I felt the Lord shared with me…


As time goes on, we will see an increase in this lifestyle and politicians passing laws to govern such acts of “indecency”.  What is the Christian community to do?


We are called to express grace, mercy and Love.  The Word says – It’s the kindness of God that leads a man to repentance.  Pastors should make the headlines for speaking “righteous Justice in Love”.  We may not agree with the “gay movement” but how much prayer time have you spent in before the Lord in regards to this?


We need to pray for our church leaders to not make such headlines– this is such a disgrace to the Body – and the enemy thrives on it.


They should make headlines for showing the Love of Jesus – I believe this is a warning to the church to “clean up our speech” to win souls –it must come in love and conviction – not condemnation!


We as a body need to spend more time in prayer for our government– that it will be headed by Godly men and women that know the heart of the Father.


Well this I what I felt the Lord share with me as I saw these articles,  I believe the Lord is sending a message to the Body and we need to be open and obedient to such things…


I would love to hear your thoughts…please share!


Be Blessed,

Les Tomlinson, Jr


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