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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:46 PM   [20 May 2012 | Sunday]


Recently, this site was once again attacked by the workers of Satan. This is nothing new to us, we have all seen it before. But, this time, something new happened and that was that enough people stood up and fought this attack and we won. To those who voiced their opinions to the Administrator: well done !!! And, to the Administrator: thank you for doing the proper thing… But, more importantly we saw the attack and joined together and beat Satan which should be very satisfying to those that took a stand. We also learned a few things from this experience and that is that joining together in a unified group can cause much to happen because there is little strength in one finger, but a fist can be very strong.

So now, let us learn more about our enemy because the more that we know, the better our chances are of resisting him and as the Bible tells us, resist the devil and he will flee… So, who is this character that causes all of the problems of this world ? There is many stories about Satan but very little is actually known about him. We know that he is an angel and so are his followers. There is a possible misconception about him that he was an Archangel that wanted more power in Heaven, but there is no mention of this aspect within the Bible. Jesus tells us the He, Jesus, saw him, Satan, fall to the earth with his followers. The word fall, like almost every word in the Bible, does not just indicate the actual act of falling but the deeper meaning is that he fell from grace to a lower place and that was Earth.

His importance is revealed when he becomes involved in the very first human event when he creates doubt in the mind of Eve. And, from that point on, he has been involved with every act of disobedience towards God even to this day. We also know that he interacts with God from time to time. We see this in Job when he speaks with God when God asks him what he has been doing and he tells God that he has just been hanging around Earth, which also tells us that he has access to God. In the case of Job, God uses Satan to create a situation for God so that God can show us all a great lesson.

The question arises as to why God would create such a character, but only He knows that answer. We do know that there cannot be light if there is no darkness and that there can be no good if there is no bad, so perhaps he is a necessary element for humans to decide which they want more and that choice is supplied by Satan.

So, how does this affect us and how do we deal with it all ? First of all, Satan is our enemy even though he will come to us such as through a friend as we see in Job. Satan hates God and will do anything to upset Him, unfortunately, we are collateral damage. His most used method is creating doubt. The Bible tells us that he is a liar and the father of it and he will lie about everything in order to create doubt and confusion. He also uses people that are not necessarily his followers to cause us problems, but these people are not even aware that they are been used; again, Job. We have all had a problem with which we could use some help. So, Satan will send us one of our good friends who will give us or tell us exactly the wrong and worse thing in their effort to help us but all it does is make us angry and sometimes destroy great friendships. If we recognize the satanic methods, we will then realize that our friend is still our friend but was being used by Satan without their knowledge.

Sometimes we are doing something that can be very dangerous but is fine as long as we pay attention to what we are doing. But, along comes Satan and puts thoughts into our minds that distract us and we get hurt. All of this is being done to create doubt in our minds about why did not God protect us… As we look at many terrible things that happen in this world to us as individuals, we can often trace back the cause to something in which Satan influenced us to do that ultimately ended in tragedy. Drunk driving, drugs, jealousy, illicit sexual encounters and many other activities have caused many tremendous pain and suffering, and all because of satanic activities at some point.

The good news is that when Satan is removed from the Earth, all pain and suffering goes away with him. Therefore, the only conclusion that can be made is, yes, Satan is the cause of all that is wrong with this world. But, until that time comes, we must always be aware of his attempts to hurt us as children of God and resist him as often as we are attacked. And, always remember that it was not that idiot that cut us off on the road or the friend that made us angry that is our enemy, but Satan and his followers that prowl the Earth looking to create doubt and problems for us all…

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