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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:50 PM   [15 May 2012 | Tuesday]


A person dies and usually there are friends and relatives that speak about the deceased as being a good person, always helping others, contributing to charity and always speaking well of others and therefore is entitled to eternal rest in heaven. First of all, when a person dies, they are entitled to nothing, but by saying they deserve to go to heaven because the person was such a wonderful individual places the reason for getting into heaven on his or her works… Works do not get us to heaven, faith and the grace of God is the only thing that opens that door.

Unfortunately, many people believe that if they lead a good life that they are automatically going to heaven, but this is not even close to being true.  Nearly everybody believes that all of their dead family and friends are in heaven and will be there to greet us when we die. Again, this is not true… It is very difficult to admit that almost all of the people that die, most especially our family members, will never enter into New Jerusalem. We have heard people describe others that have died as being a saint while they were alive, and perhaps those people were wonderful caring people. But, if they did not accept the fact that through faith in the atoning death of Jesus as being the only way to reach heaven, those wonderful people are not in heaven and will never get there. We must remember that being a good person gets us no points because we are only doing what are supposed to be doing anyway.

What we saying here is not a matter of opinion. It is true because the Bible tells us that it is true !!! When Jesus tells us that the road is wide and the gate is narrow and few will pass through, and so we know that few will enter New Jerusalem. The Bible gives us the instructions of how we should attempt to behave and it also tells us how not to behave. But, to think that behaving in the prescribed manner alone will get us there is a mistake. We must first place our lives into the outstretched hands of God and turn over our lives completely and sincerely to Him and then attempt to live a proper life as a Christian.

The problem arises when we have so many different interpretations of the wishes of God with all the different denominations and Bibles that most souls are not on the correct path towards the gate. Unification is essential in helping others pass through that narrow gate. But unfortunately, unification probably will never happen, and so we appeal to those who belong to groups that when a group accepts some nonbiblical activity and a little voice says to them that something is not right here… Those fortunate few are being given the opportunity to examine the position of their group to see it is in complete alignment with biblical doctrine. And, if it is not, and most are not, to find others that adhere only to the wishes and teachings of God and then they will be on the right path.

It is difficult not to think that almost everyone has not questioned some of the decisions that their church leaders have made in relation to true doctrine, and that should be a warning sign that something is not right. Most just let it go and the result of that is not pleasant when they die. The true believers may not totally understand the Scriptures, but they never wonder if it is wrong. That little voice does not enter their minds because there is no need, these individuals are already on the right path.

We are not suggesting that those unfortunate souls that are not chosen to be included in the very few that pass through the gate are going to go to hell for eternity, but they will not be spending it in New Jerusalem in the presence of Jesus. There has always been a lot of controversy concerning heaven and hell, and the truth is that we really do not know certain aspects of where and what happens to those that have not become children of God. But, we do know that few will pass through the gate because we are told that by Jesus, Himself. The good news is that as long as we are alive, we always have the opportunity to exam our beliefs and see if they align with the Words of God and make the proper adjustments if they do not. So, if you have ever heard that little voice, pay attention and act upon it because it just may get you through the gate…

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