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10:15 AM   [15 Mar 2012 | Thursday]

"...that generation..."

Hebrews 3:7-19]

10] Therefore I was angry with that generation, and said, "They always go astray in their hearts, and they have not known My way."


Today, we "the children of God" are "in the day of trail in the wilderness". Not unlike those who came out of Egypt, led by Moses, we "the children of God" are going through the same type of "trail". Just like them, we have been promised a "Promise Land", and in order for us to enter into that "Promise Land", we must remain FAITHFUL to the voice of the One who is leading us out our past bondage(s).

For us, our "wilderness" is this place called earth. Our time here on this earth is the "trail". Daily, we are being tested. Daily we are being judged to see if we are remaining faithful even as those were who were led out of Egypt. To them, God said that He would PROVIDE. To us, God has also said that He would PROVIDE. Like them, many of us have thought it be easy just to go back into the old way of living, because of this daunting task to "walk by faith and not by sight'. It seems easier, just to go back into the world and let them provide for us while we serve it and it's masters. Like the people who were led out of Egypt, from time to time we ourselves see the PROVISIONS of God, and for us and also like them we far to often discount them as well. But let us not be like those who came out of Egypt while in this our "wilderness" called earth. Let us not "harden our hearts", let us not "go astray", let us not lose faith. Unbelief caused them to "fall in the wilderness", which in God's eyes was rebellion. God called them "that generation of rebellion" because they would not believe, because they would not hold on to His promises, because they got tired of following.

Many "Christians" today are at the risk of "falling" in this "day of trail in this wilderness" because of unbelief. Many "Christians" are at the point of "rebellion" because they are not keeping all of God's commands and not heeding His word. Many "Christians" are not fully trusting God but constantly looking back to their past way of life and still serving "Pharaoh" in their hearts and minds. Let us, this generation of God's children not "fall". Let Him not be angry with us in the end.

He was "angry with that generation" and "swore that they would not enter His rest", which was at that time the "Promised Land". The place that we have been promised to enter into, out "Promise Land" is the coming Kingdom of God. If we are to enter into that "Promise Land", we are going to have to obey His every word and commands.

I often wonder about how many may "fall", myself included because of "rebellion", whether it be because of unbelief, lack of endurance or bitterness or anything else that could cause one to "fall".

We are no different than they were. Let us use them as an example, let us gain the wisdom that is stored up from their failure as the Bible says that we should, that we throughout our journey here may have full assurance of entering into His "Promised Land", His rest. Let us be "found faithful" in this our "day of trail".


Be Blessed. Be one with God. Be found faithful.

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