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I Hardly Have Nothing

I truly feel that most Americans, and even most of my acquaintences, would take a look at my life and tell me I'm missing out on life. Walking through my rented townhouse one can conclude that the large flat screen television is missing, the latest gaming systems are missing, the coolest toys are missing for my son, there are not enough bedrooms for the number of residents, clothes are obviously not designer, hardly any of my furniture was bought new, our vehicles are old and basic, and I don't even own a blender. I know, I know, how do I live?

I was reading a story the other day that moved me with compassion. This story also reminded me of the bondage I could be in if I were to believe that the list above is how I should be living my life. A women from N. Korea had been working in S. Korea, there she became a Christian by the influence of a co-worker. Upon return to N. Korea to work, her new amazing aspect was found out and consequences were handed out. Eventually she escaped the camp where she had been held, six months pregnant at the time, and another woman fled with her. Through the frigid winter they became lost trying to make their destination. The woman lost her baby, she also lost her friend. She was rescued, but not without losing her toes to frost bite. After a time she had decided to return to N. Korea, to see her daughters and to share Christ.

God's Grace is entirely sufficient. When I take a look at my life through the Truth of God, I clearly have too much. I'm never hungry, I'm warm in the winter, and I am free to attend as many church services as I can squeeze in. Sure there's negative opinions about how I spend my Sunday's, but I can't be thrown into prison for it. God's Grace leaves me filled, so I hardly have nothing. God's Grace is so sufficient that the woman form N. Korea is also filled. 

I certainly do not want to throw someone under the bus for having new vehicles, or a Wii. The best objective is to help grow others who feel spiritually deficient. To seek Truth and to filter our lives through God. 

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