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12:51 PM   [08 May 2012 | Tuesday]

Who is your Daddy?

Who’s your daddy – and what does He do?

 Many in the church today would be offended to call Jesus their daddy.  They would take it as an insult to His name and all that is connected with His kingdom ~ I think He would love for us to call Him daddy…

In today’s language and society, people use the word Daddy as a comforting word to express their love towards their Father.  Many use “Father” when they speak about the disciple they may have received or when they try to stress their “negative” feelings towards their male figure in life.

Others use the word Dad – children that have a love they want to express toward their Father call Him Daddy.  My girls always call me daddy and it is music to my ears.  I can have a hard day and when I hear -Dadddyyyy it melts my heart and puts a smile on my face – every time!

We are called to be innocent like a little child (psalm 8) but many of us have moved out of that area in life and we strife to be an adult!  (Of course we need to be) but my point is this – we have lost the way we react to God and His love.  We need to go back to the being a kid and express of love as a Kid. 

When we were kids, our parents spoke – we believed it, right?  Why wouldn’t we, they knew more and lived some of it out!  They would speak, and we would be like a sponge taking all in – we didn’t know any better.  Now look at the church folk (with out judgment) that are your age, many sit around and either question or doubt things about their Daddy (Jesus).

In our Christian innocence we didn’t question what we read or heard.  This is one major reason why things happen in other parts of the world within regards to signs and wonders – they don’t question, they just believe.  The churches in the USA that call on the name of Jesus need to get back to being a kid before the Lord.

I am not saying to do foolish things, but if He says He is the healer; then pray as though you are going to see a Healing.  If He says He can use you to bring His Kingdom to earth, don’t question it – but say here I am!  If He says – I call do all things, believe that He can do all things! 

Our Daddy wants to move in signs and wonders to bring a hunger to earth for revival to break out – meaning first and foremost – salvation to the Lost!  In that, He wants to demonstrate His power to bring people out of darkness – those that are seeking palm readers, card readers and so on – He has the true power and authority and He wants to use us to show the world!

My daddy spoke the earth into existence, so I think He is able to send salvation, healing, signs, wonders and miracles to us…but where is your belief?  We need to be like children and have faith like a child – back then we would hear something and believe it to be true – such a simple principle but so hard to walk out in a world that try’s to do everything it can to pull you away from your faith…remember, our daddy created the world, we should be able to turn to Him to take us from not seeing salvation, healing and the other gifts found the Holy Spirit – to a place of seeing the Hand of the Lord move wherever we may go. 

Ask Jesus to help with the mind set you may have of His love today and that it would be as a child towards their daddy…



Be Blessed

Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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