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9:17 AM   [04 May 2012 | Friday]

Our Calling vs our Gifts

The last week or so i have had a thought in my head about the difference between ones calling vs their gifts in regards to the church.  I have heard many people put both the calling and gifting into one basket so to speak.

Everyone that calls on the name of Jesus has a calling to fulfill within the Church - that doesn't mean that your calling will be walked out within a Church building - but we all have a role to play to bring the Light of Jesus to this dark world.


So what is a calling? 

It usually is the desire that is within your heart that aligns to the Word of God.  Say you have a desire to passionately be a Pastor, teacher, worship leader -or some to be in the market place, law enforcement or how about a season of stay at home parent. 


Your calling directs you to  become who God has created you to be.  To walk in your calling with the anointing of God flowing through you does not have to take place in the Church.  Gods heart is not to just reach the same old "church folk" but He has created many to be called and effective in the market place.  We should not look down on those that are called there, but encourage them to be all God has for them at that place.


Our calling forms us into His character if we allow it to do so!  Out of our calling should flow the the attributes of God.  Whether we are in a church or on the streets, it is our responsibility to set the standard and show His love to all.  Your calling defines who you are in the spirit of God and we need to walk as such in this world to spread the gospel of Jesus.


What is your gifting?

I want to make a distinction between talent and gifting...Just because one is talented doesn't always mean that they are walking in the gifting or calling of God within the Church.  Say, you are talented musician, does that mean you are called to be on the Worship team?  Many Christians would say yes - I say did you pray about it, is that where you are suppose to be in this part of your life?  The Church in general banks to much on someones talent instead of their calling!


Our gifts that i am speaking about are the movements and manifestations of the Holy Spirit evident in someones walk.  These gifts help us walk out our calling to the fullness of God.  These gifts can be operational in many different situations.  Corinthians 12 state that the Holy Spirit gives them as He determines.  I believe that would mean, that a gift is manifested per the circumstance at hand - also, i believe we all can move in all the gifts if we are open to the movement of His spirit.


We as a church should be more interested in ones calling then the gifts they may manifest through the Holy Spirit.  Here is the flip side and we don't want to be ignorant to it - sometimes the gifting will show the church that persons calling! 


I have seen it so many times that certain gifts are more prevalent then others, due to ones calling to the Body.  I love how God works this all out.  We need to seek after both ~  What is your calling - and Holy Spirit reveal your gifts in me within humility!


Its exciting to to find out who you are in Christ and how the Holy Spirit can and wants to move through us to bring the freedom of Heaven to earth!


I hope this helps to bring some clarity...


Be Blessed!
Les Tomlinson, Jr

Mood: determined
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paren | Fri May 04, 2012, 18:05

Matthew 11:27

"....neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him."

There is so much more to the story than human's could imagine.

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