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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 48 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2012

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [02 Apr 2012 | Monday]

Jesus, where have you been?



Dear Jesus,

      I could not help but notice that you get letters on this site. I know that you have entire facebook groups and forums around the world where you also recieve letter. People talking to you, meditating and conversing that way, others write books about you and what you would do. On a side note, wondering what would you do had become a pretty big thing for a while, t shirts and bracelts that I saw people wear, I believe you have your own bumper sticker as well that simply says WWJD. Oddly there is no question mark at the end and perhaps it is just to make us think.


     I thought I would write you here as I coulnd't seem to find you in Church as of late, not at any of the many I had stopped in. Different types. Perhaps you are busy, and I imagine at times it must be taxing. I though we could spend some time today so I stayed in a half asleep half awake state for hours hoping to get that vision I used to, that feeling I used to....but I had no luck. Maybe it is me? Have I pushed our relationship to this? I mean is it something I have done or did not do? It is hard to figure out. I am hopeful to hear from you in some fashion. It is not enough for me to look for rainbows anymore and I am too pressed for time to have the analogy about looking at the pretty flowers and knowing God is near type things tossed at me. This has been the longest I have not been able to reach you, I hope you are ok. How very silly of me, of course you are ok, you are the son of God yes? yes. You are God though too, so.....hmmm trinity never made sense. Gives me a headache. A couple more hours left of work. I shall look for you later. If you receive this before then, please stop by.


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