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12:17 PM   [01 Apr 2012 | Sunday]

Christian take on this popular as of late topic...I think you may agree...maybe not and if not GOTO HELL (Just kidding of course)


I have seen several posts about Christian Unity. Is it needed? And how can it be obtained? Can it even be done? I am not going to go as deep into this as GA Caputo (Love the man and his blogs and all else. The guy kicks ass) but stay a bit above the water and not such a deep dive but I wanted to give my input into something I think we are not thinking about. I am not using spell check and not re reading this so I hope it makes sense. I am not feeling well and too lazy to do so lol.

In my opinion, it depends on what one may consider to be unity. If not arguing over certain books, or denominations is considered unity, then I guess it could be done if no one spoke their minds at all,  or at the very least stayed quiet and never debated an attack on their belief or idea of scripture. What is the definition of Christian? I am too lazy to wiki it right now and truly apathetic to what its proper description is. So for arguments sake, I will say that anyone who believes in Jesus may be considered Crhsitian…for the sake of my post I will go with that.

This means we have The Roman Catholic Church, All the protestant Churches, the non denominations, the many many Orthodox churches (I cant begin to list them all) and let us not forget we will be adding in Mormons (they have so many different groups as well) and the People who roll up to your door with the watchtower magazines and claim only 70 thousand people (I may be off on this number) will ever get into heaven. Jehovas Witnesses. No birthdays sound like no fun for a kid to me. At 40 I may be ok with that. Moving on……………. So I think it goes like this:

Catholic (my church…Roman Catholic to  be exact) is kind of grouped in with Lutheran in a sense (I was confirmed Lutheran) what I mean by grouped in is that we can get along. We can point some fingers and I know there is a split in the Lutheran Church right now..but we can manage not to want to beat the shit out of each other. Anglo Catholic? I can handle them as well and I have been to their services and its ok with me. Protestants? I still think we can get roll with them as well. WHY?

We all have the same thing basically (wait I will hit on what I know you are all thinking).  Jesus died for our sins, he is the son of God….blah blah effin blah. We will have our differences…the non denominational people will talk about the pope and I will always think they suck and want to break acoustic guitars in half as I don’t believe they belong in worship lol…but in the end I know many and we get along and poke fun. WHERE UNITY WILL RUN INTO TROUBLE:

Mormons and LDS- Can you say that they can be grouped in with all of us mentioned above? God was a man first, God called a council with the other Gods, some guy found some tablets an angel brought yet no one else saw them and then when you die you can be a god of your own planet? You see, this is where it would get tricky for me…who knows maybe they are right and if I get a planet I am naming is planet Crawz, but in the end, I cant believe in this. I wont bash them and I wont call names and point fingers at them ( I have never once heard a Mormon bash the Catholic Church) or want to put on Templar knight gear and be head them lol. The issue runs deep here and this is just a few examples.

What I am trying to say…for all of us not listed as Jehova Witnesses or Mormons we can agree to disagree on some books but the story and ending is the same for us all…….. agree or disagree? and for the love of God am I the only one who ever comments on blogs people?



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