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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [01 Apr 2012 | Sunday]


There is a book titled: “A Guide to Deeper Understanding of the Bible and Christian Unification” authored by G A Caputo in which Christian unification is explained in great detail. It speaks to the absolute necessity of such an event and explains that all things are possible if it should ever happen.  After preaching and studying for over thirty years and attempting to get people to understand why it is necessary, the revelation of why it most likely will not happen came to light. We must examine what unification would take to accomplish and then it becomes obvious why it will probably never happen. The largest single grounds for understanding why it will not happen is the ego of man…

Man would have to admit that he has been wrong all of these years, and that is not going to happen. All “claiming” Christians would have to accept a single Bible and it would have to be the Authorized King James Version because we believe that it is the only inspired translation, and reverse all adjustments that man has made over the years to the Word of God. Women would have to remain silent in church and homosexuals would have to be expelled from the congregate, and hundreds if not thousands of other aspects that are out of alignment with the Bible would have to be brought back to agree with the original doctrine.

Most “claiming” Christians have never even read the Old Testament in which the nature of man is revealed. If people did read the Old Testament, they would understand why man is so arrogant and disobedient towards the wishes of God for mankind. It is very interesting to how most people believe that their opinion is right merely because they have one. And on any given question, if there were ten people, there would be ten different opinions. Man is not about to change and so Christian unification probably will not happen…

As we look back at the evolution of the church, we find that first there were people that were known as Christians. These people followed the Word of God without question and tried to emulate the behavior of Jesus, he was their leader and teacher. Then came the Roman church which we now call the Catholics with a set of rules and rituals that are a combination of Jewish traditions and early Roman pagan activities. After enough of that, Martin Luther protested these activities and we have the beginning of the Protestants. Now, we have literally hundreds of various groups calling themselves Christians but follow their own opinions as to behavior and doctrine.

Now, there is good news and bad news… The good news is that there are still a few true Christians that refuse to adopt anything other than what is given to us from within the Bible. However, that number is so small that there is no actual church for them, but it does not matter, and these people are the ones that are called the elect of Jesus and He is their Pastor.  Satan works these people over quite a bit and tells them that it necessary for them to join a church because he knows that sooner or later the activities of that church may corrupt that true believer in some way.

Jesus speaks quite a lot about His elect as well as warning the rest that few will enter through the gate. A reasonable assumption would be that the few will be His elect…

Now, let us take a moment and look at this site as an example of Christian unification. Their statement of purpose is church unification and when we look at the advisors of the site, we find eight or nine various denominations represented. Is there something wrong with that picture ??? But, additional good news is that there is unification and these are the true Christians and the elect of Jesus. One can only imagine the power a totally unified Church would have with God as our leader and Jesus as our Pastor… Claiming Christianity does not make a person one, being a Christian and one of the elect of Jesus make a person one.  Once again, Divine intervention is the only thing that can accomplish anything, but everyone will have to agree and want it !!!  

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