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SRCrosby (2)


12:45 PM   [31 Mar 2012 | Saturday]

Christian Unity, is it possible ?

Christian Unity, is it possible ?

One of the age old problems  of our time is Christian unity. We have Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Methodists, Orthodox,Anglicans, Episcopalians Lutherans, Adventists, Nazarenes, non denominationals etc.

I try to befriend all the Christians and non Christians but we can not please or agree with everybody but still I try my best. What would you think Jesus will do ? I would guess either we are for Jesus or against Him . If we call ourselves Christians then we are for Jesus, time will tell if Jesus really knows us.

Have you tried reconciling every ones beliefs ? Hard ,isn't it ? Do I have the answer ? No, I don't think so and I will try an easy way out , I will wait till Jesus Christ return.



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pastorpeter | Sat Mar 31, 2012, 21:03

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 Hey ped,

I know of your dilemma...Seems to me that back when it all started in Acts the only difference was Jew and Gentile. Denominational Christianity scares me because there is no "Top of the Line" brand of Chrstianity. And there should not be a striving for the top.  I prefer to be a Biblicist asPaul.  He came to the Corinthians knowing nothing but Jesus Christ.  Perhaps the 21st church should practice the same.

Blessed with His Best...


SRCrosby | Sun Apr 01, 2012, 01:04

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As not only a Roman Catholic, but also a memeber of Opus Dei, I will say no. There will never be Christian Unity. It saddens me but there will always be hateful people within the realm of Christianity. I have a close friend. He hates my Church. Do I hate his baptist church? Not at all. I told him that if the road he took led him to Jesus and made him happy, then I am happy for him. Most would expect me to the one to bash him back as he did to the Catholic Church..but I did not. It is trendy to hate my Church, talk of our problems both present and in the past. It is trendy to say we have too many rules and then I see those same people start their own non denominational church with an acoustic guitar at the service and in the end...write some of their own rules. I just smile knowing we gave them them bible that they picked apart and called their own. Being a member of Opus Dei, I am not hateful as most would expect once they saw the tom hanks movie from the dan brown novel. I love max lucado..own all his books, love chuck swindoll, I think joel (cant think of his last name,,,olstein?) is a complete idiot and salesman and I would love to fight him and benny hinn in a cage. So I guess the militant part of me still is inside but not towards everyone who is not catholic by any means. TO judge a religion on one person or certain acts is never a good idea.

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