A Petiton to the President of the United States to Defend our Country...!!!

by Francisco J. Zubia on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 7:11pm ·


Francisco J. Zubia

American Citizen of the United States of America

El Paso, Texas 79912

The Justice Department and the American People

United States of America

Petition to Redress Grievance to the American People

"At the end of two hours, the court seemed splito on the

same question that has divided political leaders and the

country: whether the Constitution gives Congress the power

to compel Americans to either buy health insurance or pay


The answer is likely to come from Justice Anthony Kennedy or

perhaps Chief Justice John Roberts."

The El Paso Times

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Washinton Post Article

N.C Aizenman and Robert Barnes


Congress does not have to power to compel American to do anything that

is unconstituional. The figment idea the the Justice Department can give

up to the idea that Congress can pick an idea on a blank check to dictate

the will of the American People is a figment of error of some in that same


And it may not be an issue of whether we the American People want to protect

with more insurance some American who or do not need care is not the issue.

But the idea that we have to become a Socialist Country where there is no

check and balance of every issue of very questionable content.

We the American People do not subcribe to give power to any department of

Government of the American People with the consent of the decision on each

issue and an unprecedented act to give Congress to every whim it percribes

itself as Sanctum or balanced only in Congress alone.

And we perscrive that protection be issued to the protection of the check and

balance system and nullify any Sedition of any who want to subvert the Cons-

titution of the United States.

And we will defend ourselves from those whose heart is questionable whether

the good of the American children is really at their center of their agenda or

some foreign concern.

Please support our President Dr. Barack Obama to dispatch the necessary deploy-

ment of military force to secure that the American interest is at the heart of our

American Congress.

Heathcare, decide but don't mess with the Constitution of the United States to

defend the interest of the American People.

Francisco J. Zubia

American Citizen

May God protect interest of the United States of America

"Home of the Brave and home of the Free"