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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:55 PM   [29 Mar 2012 | Thursday]


The event of World War II was possibly the beginning of the end for the United States. Although huge amounts of money were being made by all kinds of businesses that had anything to do with the war effort, no one considered the future ramifications of our actions. Everything was being done for the war effort and many new government agencies were formed to oversee these efforts. Companies that we would never expect to become part of the armament business became huge beneficiaries of the war. Singer Sewing Machine Company actually made 45 cal. pistols for the army. Business was at an all time high and people were making money… When the war was over, the returning soldiers started new businesses and homes were being built and sold as fast as they could be made. Appliances and furniture companies as well as all sorts of businesses were doing incredible amounts of sales and the people had jobs and were buying new cars, everything seemed perfect !!! People paid their taxes and money was pouring into government coffers like never before. New towns were building up and these towns needed governments and the benefits that these jobs offered made them very desirable.

Washington was happy because they could balance the budget, that is, as long as the money owed to us from our war allies was factored into the equation and assuming these debts would be paid. All of the agencies that were developed to support the war were not shut down but absorbed into larger agencies and government began to grow even though much of it was not necessary anymore. As new people were elected into office, and since money was not a factor, their staffs became larger and larger along with their salaries and benefits. As Korea and the Cold War increased, the Washington insiders were giving government contracts to their war buddies at inflated costs. It was estimated that during the late 60s that over one third of the working people were employed by the government in some way, either Federal, State or local agencies, and today that percentage is even higher. And, all of these jobs came with tremendous benefits in terms of pensions and salaries. Money to pay for all of this was not a problem because most everyone was working and taxes were pouring in, but if a Town needed more money, they would just raise the Real Estate Tax or find other taxes that the people had to pay.

All of a sudden, we found ourselves paying more and more taxes for things that had no benefit for the people. The government got so wound up in these spending sprees that money was being handed out for almost any reason. Someone wanted to study the mating habits of the red ant and so they went Washington and got the money. The trouble is that all of these ridiculous “studies” are still being funded today. There are millions, if not billions of dollars spent each year on nonsensical studies and agencies that produce absolutely nothing, and we are paying for them…Of course, the government was not the only culprit here. People just did not care as long as their life style kept increasing. And, how was that done but by credit cards… The average American owed more on their credit cards than money or assets they had in order to pay off the balances. We were acting just like the government, but the difference is that the government thinks that they never have to pay back the money it spends.

Then, came the biggest and perhaps the strangest idea of all… We decided to send men to the moon !!! And so, NASA was established and this country spent countless billions of dollars and finally put people on the moon. After achieving that useless feat, we decided to build a space station, another useless adventure, but we did it. Now, that is all over, but we are still paying the agency with all the people that work there and who knows what they are doing except putting in their time to get their full pension. We have continually spent more money then we have, but no one seems to think about eliminating the thousands of government jobs or endowments that have no use. When and individual acts in the very same way that our government spends money, that person is arrested and sometimes goes to jail.

Is this going to end ??? The answer is simple, NO… When the government forgets what it is supposed to be doing and concentrates its’ efforts on accumulating money and power for the individual and getting re elected, we are lost. It was not that long ago when the people in power spoke in terms of billions of dollars and, it would frighten the average person. Now, we are spending trillions of dollars that we do not have and hope that some miracle is going to happen before it all collapses around us. This is not only happening in this country, but throughout the world, all nations are experiencing the same thing. So, there is no place to go for help. And, the Church is going through similar circumstances. The Catholic denomination seems to be imploding; a fundamental group cannot get started because no one wants to hear the truth, but the “designer” groups seem to be doing fine:

2 Timothy4:3”For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teacher, having itching ears:”

The price of gasoline is four dollars a gallon with no reason given for the increases, and no one is doing anything about it … Oh, this is an election year, that explains it !!!

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