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12:03 PM   [25 Mar 2012 | Sunday]

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

I recall as a teenager singing a song in Youth Choir called "They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love". We are one in the Spirit, We are one in the Lord. And We pray that all unity may one day be restored...

This last couple of days I have been watching reruns of a British reality show about six teens who came to the U.S. and lived among several different groupings of Amish: some Old Order, some New Order, some Old Order Mennonite and some the very strictest of the Amish.

When the show first began interviews were done with all six teens. hey came from all different lifestyles and economic groups: students, Christian, non-Christian, party girls and boys...very much addicted to their cell phones and ear buds. All were apprehensive about their journey but mostly just wanted a "vacation".

When they arrived at their first guest house, the girls and boys were taken to their respective bedrooms where Amish dress and headpieces/hats were laid out on the beds for them. After the teens were changed and de-blinged, as it were, the woman of the house came in with a wicker basket to collect cell phones, ipods, etc. The looks on the girls faces especially was PRICELESS!

Lots of questions, lots of life lessons, going to scrapbooking parties instead of dance parties, farming instead of sitting in a classroom, sewing instead of shopping for designer clothes, bonnets instead of glitz...but more, importantly a transformation in the young peoples' way of thinking.

I saw a real shift in their opinions and preconceived notions. One boy inparticular who was seeking love...growing up in boarding school and going from there to Eaton University..found the family life of the Amish desirable and began to envy the simplicity and love he saw and felt there.

Another girl began to seek Christianity as an option for the very first time. She found the entire adventure heartwarming, educational, fun, endearing and something she would never forget.

All of them took away something very important from their experience: they loved the way the Amish lived their lives, loved how they love, loved how they respect each other, loved their hearts, loved how they saw something different in them...something worth pursuing.

The Amish ended the series by saying they hoped the young people always kept a little Amish in their hearts.

I want people to see those qualities in my life. I want people to know who I am by the way I live my life.

"They will know we are Christians by our love.....

Mood: contemplative
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