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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:53 PM   [18 Mar 2012 | Sunday]


Even though Jesus tells us many times that we need not worry about anything, we still spend a lot of our time doing exactly the opposite and worry !!! We go to bed and our concerns spin around in our minds over and over again and we think about the same things hoping to find some answers, but they never seem to come. It is strange that we are always thinking about the very same aspects of our concerns, but we never have enough information to solve the problems. We only know what we know and we do not know what we do not know, and what we do not know is what we need to know in order to solve the problem. Houston, we have a problem !!!

We have not listened to our Lord, but after a time, we finally approach Him and ask for His help hoping to wake up in the morning and find that all of our problems are solved. Unfortunately, this does not happen, but we are on the right road by going to our Lord, and that is a good start. God is clearly willing to help us but, He is also very concerned that we understand why we got into these problems so that they do not happen again. And, the easiest way of finding out the reason is to look into the mirror. For the most part, we create our own problems and they generally are about money… We have over used our credit cards or we bought things that we did not need but just wanted to have and so on. And, of course, there are many things that are out of our control such as someone we love is sick or we lost our job and many things, but they all cause worry. Now, we have not paid attention to Jesus, but we come to Him and ask His help.  Well, there are things that we can do to at least show that we are trying, before we go to Him.

We can make two lists. One list will contain all of our concerns for which there is nothing that we ourselves can do. We cannot heal a friend and things like that… The other list is our own problems that can be fixed and we put the problems in order of the easiest ones to fix on top, and going down until we reach the hardest one to fix. Now, when we pray, we ask the Lord to help those that we love and then ask Him to help us with the first item on the list… Forget the others, just concentrate on that first and easiest problem. As that one gets straightened out, the next problem gets to move up to the easiest one to fix, and we deal with only that problem with the assistance of Jesus, because we cannot do it ourselves…In this way, we are always just dealing with easiest problem. If a new problem enters our lives, we place it on the list at the appropriate number depending on the difficulty of repair !!!

We must always remember though that God wants to help us because He told that to us, and many times before the problem gets fixed, we must admit and recognize the reason for the issue. He could straighten out all of our concerns in a millisecond, but He wants us to stop doing the things that cause us to worry, mostly our own stupidity or greed !!! God is not about to become our own little wizard and problem solver, but He is our teacher and if we had listened to Him in the beginning, then it would not be necessary for us to learn this lesson again… Or, more often than not, learn it for the first time because we obviously did not hear Him when He told us not to worry.  He will give us all that we need, but not all that we want !!! We get anywhere one step at a time, so try solving problems one step at a time. It may be slow, but it gets us there. Worrying never once solved a problem !!! They only legitimate worry that anyone may have is whether they are a true child of God and not just another one of creations. God hears His children, but everyone else is just talking to the wind !!!


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