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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:20 PM   [16 Mar 2012 | Friday]


There are many things that affect our lives some of which we are not even aware. One of these aspects starts immediately after we are born, we begin to fill our beings with the experiences and feelings that we have until at some point later on, our beings become filled and we cannot absorb anymore… We can look at this as a glass that is completely filled with water including that little bit over the top called surface tension. No more water can get into the glass without some of it spilling out, but it remains full all of the time. So, we are like that glass, completely filled and nothing else can get in without something spilling out to make room.

Now, in that glass is all of our experiences, feelings and whatever else we have put into our lives. Some of these things are good, but some are bad as well. When we decide to add to the glass, certain things must spill out to make room… For example, we want to take up the sport of golf and so we buy equipment, take lessons and go play golf. We have added something new to our lives but we had to spill other things out to do this. We had to spill out financial resources and time and continue to do so as long as we continue to play golf. There are other things that we do but do not give any thought to the event. It is like impulse buying and we throw it into the glass and things spill out. The problem is that both good things as well as bad things spill out randomly and once they are gone, they are gone. The bad things are alright to give up, but the good things are sometimes very important… Things take our time and that is one of the largest things that must spill out in order to take on a new experience. There is only so much time and we have filled it with things, so we have to give up some of those things to do our new adventure. Unfortunately, we generally give up time that we could have been doing something more important like spending that time with our children or other productive things. Sooner or later, we find ourselves giving up time with our Lord by spending less time in Bible study or even not going to services. Even if we still hang on to the services, we give up certain voluntary activities at church in order to make the time for our new thing.

This goes on continually without us even realizing that it is happening, but it is just the way it is… However, there is something that we can do about it !!! We can examine our lives and try to discover the bad things in the glass and take them out. When we do this, we make room for other good things without spilling things out arbitrarily. Before we throw anything into the glass, we should think about what are we willing to give up and what are the results of giving it up, and make the decision as to whether it is worth it. But, we are human and know pretty much nothing and certainly know nothing about the future and how it will alter our lives. What seems like a good idea today may very well be a disaster tomorrow because of changing events in the future…

But, and this is a big “but”, we are children of God and He knows everything, past, present and especially future, and if we ask, He will guide us, through the Spirit, as to what we should do. He becomes especially important in helping us determine the bad things in the glass because we have a tendency to live in denial about things we want to keep. He is not hindered by emotion and carries no baggage. He will tell us and He will help us clean out the glass of bad things. But, the glass will never be completely clean because there will always be a few bad things that we want to keep in spite of the fact that they are bad, we are human !!! This does not excuse our disobedience but it explains it. Thankfully, God understands and forgives us, but we still lose that space in the glass for good things, but again, we are just humans. So, before we make any decision, the place to go is to God and ask for His advise and help and, He will always give it and it will always be correct in every way for us !!!

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