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12:45 PM   [14 Mar 2012 | Wednesday]


There have been many books written about the life and times of Jesus. We know quite a lot about the times because both the Romans and Jews were very accurate in their record keeping, but we know virtually nothing about Jesus. This fact did not seem to bother some of the authors of these books, they made enormous assumptions and included them into their stories. This is why we should never use any of this information in our Bible studies. These books are entertaining and even informative, but not at all accurate when it comes to the life of Jesus. It is fine to read these books as recreational reading, but never use the information as an adjunct to your Bible study.

There are also many painting and statues of various biblical characters painted or carved by artists that never even knew what these people looked like. If we were to think about what Moses may have looked like, we would probably envision Charlton Heston, but Moses probably did not look like that. But we have these images because of movies and paintings, and they play a part in our concentration as we read the Bible. Let us take for an example daVincis’ “Last Supper”. This painting was, in fact, a study in perspective according to the notes of daVinci, but most people view it as an accurate example of the actual event. People did not eat in the way they are painted, all facing in one direction, they would lay on cushions and ate from a low table, perhaps even a round one in order to face one another. The Bible tells us that God did not want any depictions of any kind for fear that at some point, people would begin to worship the statue or image, and He was right !!!

The Bible went through all sorts of configurations until it was finally completed. It is generally accepted that the King James Version is the inspired translation although there were a few other attempts made to translate it prior to the KJV. The Roman church was extremely powerful in those days and would not allow any translations from the Latin bible that they had produced. That book gave incredible powers to the papacy, but at one point, the church split and there were two Popes, one in Rome and the other in Avignon. In 1384, John Wycliffe attempted to translate the book but it was more political then religious and was never accepted as legitimate. In 1536, William Tyndale translated the book but used most of Martin Luthers’ German translation of the New Testament, which also was pretty political. Finally, King James I, commissioned a committee of about 50 scholars to form six different groups and use the original documents to produce a single book. This they did from 1607 until it was completed in 1611, and they agreed on the Authorized King James Version of the Bible… They did this without agenda or political motivation and we know that it was inspired because of the miraculous aspects of this Bible…

No other Bible has the ability to speak to the reader as does the KJV. The Roman church immediately denounced the book because it removed all powers from the papacy and gave it to God where it belongs !!! If we consider the results of having the Roman church accept this Bible, there would be no Pope, no Vatican, no Vatican State, no Cardinals or priests, no rituals and ceremonies and especially no huge financial interests… There would just be Christians…

So, as we read through the books written about Jesus and His life and time, recognize that very little was known about Jesus as He was growing up and do not let it interfere with your Bible study. Everyone has an opinion and there are books called Commentaries that try to explain each chapter and verse as you read the Bible. If you were to take ten different Commentaries, you would get ten different opinions concerning much of the difficult doctrine to understand. However, if you use the KJV, that understanding will come to you at the point at which you need it. And this happens through the totally undeserved grace of God !!!


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SRCrosby | Tue Mar 13, 2012, 04:03

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Great post as usual. My only thought it....without us Catholics, there would have been no bible to debate over oe even have.

SRCrosby | Tue Mar 13, 2012, 11:03

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This was what I was trying to get across in my comment

1000-50 BC: The Old Testament books are written.

200 BC:- Rabbis translate the Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek, a translation called the "Septuagint" (abbreviation: "LXX"). The LXX included all the 46 books from the current bible old testament (including the 7 apocrypha books).

AD 28-33 (approx):- Jesus used the "Septuagint” scripture while speaking to the diaspora Jews in the temple. This scripture had all the 46 books from the Old Testament including the 7 apocrypha books.

AD 30-100: Christians use the "Septuagint" (LXX) as their scriptures. This upsets the Jews.

AD 100:- So Jewish rabbis meet at the Council of Jamniah and decide to include in their canon only 39 books, since only these can be found in Hebrew.

AD 382:- Pope Damasus I approves the bible canon with 73 books.

AD 382:- Church council in Rome approves the bible canon with 73 books.

AD 393-397:- Councils at Hippo and Carthage ratifies the bible canon with 73 books.

AD 400: Jerome translates the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin (called the "Vulgate"). This version had all the 7 apocrypha books.

AD 1536: Martin Luther translates the Bible from Hebrew and Greek to German. He assumes that, since Jews wrote the Old Testament, theirs is the correct canon; he puts the extra 7 books in an appendix that he calls the "Apocrypha.". He did not remove these books from the bible.

AD 1546: The Catholic Council of Trent reaffirms the canonicity of all 46 books.

AD 1880: Till the year 1880, the protestant bible had the 7 apocrypha books as a separate section in the bible.

After AD 1880, the Protestants started printing the bible without the apocrypha books and now the protestant bible has only 66 books.

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