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12:35 PM   [11 Mar 2012 | Sunday]


There was never a time since God created man when man did not know that there was such a Being as God. After creating Adam and Eve, God reveals Himself to these two humans and all of the rest of the people of the world from that time until today are descendants of Adam and Eve. However, as people populated the earth, they began to worship objects and all sorts of things as gods and the world, for the most part, became pagan !!! There are few exceptions that we know about when God revealed Himself to humans, such as Noah… Finally, God chooses the Israelites to become the people to whom He will not only reveal himself, but give them instructions to achieve everlasting life… So, now we have one group that knows that there is a Divine Being and all others are pagans.

As the time goes on and the Israelites begin to corrupt their beliefs, God establishes a new covenant and we are blessed with Jesus and the New Testament made between God and the people of the earth. Most remain pagan, but some begin to follow the example of Jesus and they come to be known as Christians… The principles and doctrine of the Christians are assembled into a book that we call the Bible and true Christians use this book for instruction in belief and behavior…

Then, one day the Roman Emperor, Constantine, decides that he wants to adopt Christianity as the religion of the empire, and so he does. But, since he considered Christianity as a wing of Jewish beliefs and customs, he adopted those rituals into the religious activities of the church. Along with this, since the Romans had been pagans for centuries, many of the pagan rituals were included also… Many of these rituals were against the teachings of true Christianity, but that did not matter to Constantine and the church was adopted as the only acceptable form of religion at that time. This church soon developed into a very powerful institution and became the Roman Church with the headquarters in the center of Rome. Later on, the area became a State by itself and was extremely powerful with their own army that eventually almost controlled the known world…

As the church became more powerful and corrupted, a priest named Martin Luther confronted the church authorities and protested against many of the church policies. He, of course, is expelled from the church and others follow him and become known as Protestants. After that, others began to adopt certain policies that are not in alignment with true Christian doctrine and other denominations begin to develop…

Then, we have an English King that does not like that the Pope will not let him get divorced, so the King forms his own church, the Anglicans, that allow the King to do what he wants. Sooner or later, the people get pretty fed up with this confusion and decide to move to the New World, America, to gain religious freedom. Although this is somewhat true since most of the original settlers were criminals and outlaws attempting to get away from the English law, but it is true that many were interested in religious freedom. What that means is not that they wanted to return to the original Christian policies and doctrine, they just did not want to follow the religion of the country that they left. The first churches in this country were generally Episcopal, but other churches were formed as well. As we move along, we find people meeting with Jesus in Mexico and Jesus reveals the true story and we begin another “church” and so on and so forth !!!

A true Christian is one who has total belief in the words given us within the Bible. The Bible has no menu and we cannot pick and choose what we like and what we do not like. A true Christian accepts what God has given us regardless of any doubts, and doubts are an important part of being a true believer. Faith is continuing in spite of the doubts and God loves people that demonstrate faith. One cannot claim to be a true Christian and say that they believe in the Bible however they believe in evolution rather than creation. A true Christian fights off these doubts and remains faithful to the words and doctrine given to us without convenient alterations… A person believes or a person does not, it is black or it is white, there is no gray area.

Man has altered the words of God so many times that we have literally hundreds of various denominations all of which claim Christianity. We do not know if God will still accept those who are not entirely true believing Christians, but we will find out when we reach the gate that is so very narrow. And, at that point, it is too late. So, can a person claim Christianity even though he or she disregards certain doctrine ???  Christianity is not just believing in Jesus, but it is a way of life and a total commitment to the Christian ideals; all of them, not just the convenient ones. But, the answer will only come when that person ends their earthly life and begins their spiritual life… The question is where will you spend eternity. TRUE CHRISTIANS ARE NOT PROTESTANTS, THEY ARE TRUE CHRISTIANS !!!


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SRCrosby | Sun Mar 11, 2012, 03:03

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Great. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!

StevenPaul1953 | Mon Mar 12, 2012, 14:03

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A good bit of info...and yes, true Christians follow the biblical teachings of God through Christ Jesus. Good post!


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