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A Review of Jeremiah 1

by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible

Jeremiah 1:1-6
Notice in verse 5 we have proof, once again, the LORD has already saved all those He planned to save from before the foundation of the world. Therefore going to church on Sunday will not, because it cannot, save you; so, why do you go?

Jeremiah 1:7-8
In verse 7 the LORD is speaking to Jeremiah but, what He says He is saying to all of us who are chosen of Him. He says "for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak". In verse 8 the LORD strengthens the reserve of all who are His as He reassures us we are doing His will.

Jeremiah 1:9-10
In verse 9 we see the LORD has equipped His chosen with the wisdom, understanding and the knowledge to do His will exactly as He desires. In verse 10 we see the LORD will do His bidding through His chosen. He says we will root out, pull down, destroy and throw down all that is not of Him. However, He also says we will build and plant His will and His word in the minds of all of His elect.

Jeremiah 1:11
In verse 11 the LORD asks His "what seest thou?" and all the chosen of God do answer "I see the rod of an almond tree". This goes back to verse 10 as the almond tree are all those chosen of God and the rod is the wrath of God we are to tell the world is near: Ecclesiastes 12:5-7.

In Ecclesiastes 12:1 our Lord God is speaking to His chosen. The verse is speaking of all the time before the end time as the LORD says "while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh". The evil days are the last days for it is in these days when the years will draw nigh. The last day is one day but, the LORD speaks of days because the torment to come will be unique for each individual; therefore each individual's experience on that day is that individual's day. Henceforth, the LORD speaks of days even though it will only be, one day. We must also realize the LORD exists outside of time as He established time just for us on earth. So our Lord GOD can remove anyone from the constraints of time and the physical laws of nature whenever He desires: Matthew 14:22-29. You must realize that Peter had more faith than the average person however, it was not his faith that enabled him to walk on water for Peter was weak: John 21:18-19. In John 21:18-19 the LORD is telling us of Peter's character and how the LORD would use it to glorify Himself as it would lead to Peter's death which totally glorified God as Peter was also crucified. However, Peter chose to be crucified upside down stating he was not worthy to die as the Christ died. This was Peter's last act on this earth and it was a redeeming act, from the heart, which I don't believe Peter was even aware of. Even still we see in Galatians 2:11-13 Paul verifies what the LORD was saying about Peter's weak constitution. Although he was truly with the LORD Peter was weak and he could be tempted to go with the flow: Paul could not. This could be the explanation for Paul's quick death, Paul was beheaded, and Peter's long and agonizing death upside down on the cross. Peter and all the apostles acquired true faith after the death of the Christ: Luke 24:44-49 and Acts 2:1-6. This is to say they were saved when they walked with the Christ but, they were saved with understanding after Pentecost. Also, notice in Acts 2:5 the LORD says "And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven". This is proof once more that as God sees us there are only two types of people in the world; Jew and Gentile or saved and lost respectively, as these men were from every nation. Getting back to the matter at hand we should see the torment to come unto those lost to God, although it is brief in the sight of men, may feel like eternity to those who experience it. So, possibly, therein lays God's frequent references to eternal torment. In Ecclesiastes 12:2 the LORD is still speaking of the times before the end.

In Ecclesiastes 12:3 we see the beginning of the end. The LORD tells of an end to all joy in this world as He brings darkness and great fear. He says "in the days when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves". This portion of the verse is a reference to all men as every man, in the sight of God, is the keeper of his house, referring also to his body. The verse continues with "and the grinders cease because they are few". In this portion of the verse "the grinders", in the original writing, is "reading" therefore substituting the "the grinders" with "reading" the verse becomes more comprehensible. We see the reading of the word will cease because the readers, the chosen of God, will be few: Isaiah 57:1. This could be one means of knowing when the end is near however, only those chosen will see this as no one else recognizes the true gospel. The verse closes with "and those that look out the windows be darkened". This is to say the lost will see God's truth but they will not recognize it as truth because their understanding has been darkened, Ephesians 4:17-18, as the word of the LORD will always be here but, our Lord GOD will simply blind all those who desire their own way that they will not see His truth: Isaiah 56:10-12.

In Ecclesiastes 12:4 it seems the LORD will bring the end when the world is totally unaware and preoccupied with those things with which it is most concerned. The verse reads "the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grinding is low". This is the consequence of unbelief as the world has been given the word of God but, they shut the door and they will not hear the word of the LORD: Isaiah 30:9-11. So, all doors are shut before the LORD as the world does not want to hear Him. The sound of the grinding is low because the LORD has taken the majority of those who brought the true gospel as He prepares this world for the end: Isaiah 57:1. The verse continues with "and He shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of musick shall be brought low". The voice of the bird is the voice of all the lost, Revelation 18:2, just as the reference to "all the daughters of musick" is another depiction of lost mankind: Ezekiel 13:16-19. Musick here is simply a synonym for the carefree way of the world as people go about life without a care for the will of the LORD.

In Ecclesiastes 12:5 we see "when they shall be afraid of that which is on high, and fears shall be in the way". This means the fear of the end God will bring begins to set in. Unfortunately as a consequence of their fear the lost will run to church instead of opening the Bible and learning of our Lord GOD for themselves: "fear shall be in the way". The LORD continues with "the almond tree shall flourish" because the almond tree is a representation of the chosen of God. We are to flourish as we take the word of God to the world. However, the lost will live in fear of the one true God for in their hearts they all know He is as He has written in His word. Consequently they know His plan for them in the end; their individual end and the end of time. He continues saying"the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail" which is once again referring to lost mankind. Lost man is only a burden to the LORD and he is a burden the LORD will not carry: Jeremiah 23:31-40. Desire shall leave all lost mankind as the LORD takes life from their bodies without the blessing of salvation to the soul: Isaiah 10:17-19. Consequently the lost are dead in soul and body as the LORD will not accept their souls into heaven and their bodies will return to the dust.

In Ecclesiastes 12:6 we read "Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern". This verse is a picture of the last times as the water of the gospel is no more. Although limited the gospel will be here, it simply will not be accepted by anyone because all who were to be saved will have been saved and a majority of them taken. Therefore, all who would humble themselves before the LORD have already done so and it is at this time the end will come.

In Ecclesiastes 12:7 we see the end of man, both saved and lost. However in the case of those whom the LORD has saved their bodies return to the dust until Judgment Day while the LORD will sustain their souls until that day. On that day the LORD will unite their souls with their new heavenly bodies. In the case of one who is lost the LORD does not accept that soul into heaven; consequently, that soul will cease to exits and that body will never rise again.

Jeremiah 1:12
In verse 12 the LORD is speaking of the rod mentioned in verse 11 as He says "for I will hasten my word to perform it". The performance of His word is the rod with which the LORD will mercilessly beat unregenerate mankind.

Jeremiah 1:13-14
In verse 13 Jeremiah sees a seething pot which is a hot smoking pot, Job 41:20"and the face thereof is toward the north" which is the biblical representation of Satan's domain: Isaiah 14:12-13. In Jeremiah 1:14 the LORD is sending Satan and His demons unto "all the inhabitants of the land" or all those left on earth after the LORD has taken His called and chosen: Revelation 11:3-13. In Revelation 11:7-11 we see the two witnesses, the called and chosen of the LORD, are killed. To be killed in this sense means to be silenced but, when the LORD allows us to be silenced our work is done. In Revelation 11:12 we see the LORD calls us all home and in Revelation 11:13 the gist of Jeremiah 1:14 begins. Notice in Revelation 11:13 it says "and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand". The number seven in the Bible means perfect completeness just as multiples of ten signify completeness. This is saying in one day all the lost shall be killed as all this transpires in the earthquake which occurs the same hour the LORD calls His to Himself. The remnant that then "gave glory to the God of Heaven" are all those who were not the chosen but, did humble themselves before the LORD. These, although it does not say, will probably simply then go to sleep for eternity; they will be dead in soul and body without suffering.

Jeremiah 1:15
In verse 15 the LORD is using the attack of Babylon on all of Judah to speak of Satan's final assault on the world. As you see in the opening clause of the verse Satan's final attack on mankind will be sanctioned by the Godhead as is everything Satan does: Job 1:6-12. As Jeremiah 1:15 continues we see Satan, his demons and all the evil the LORD will bring completely engulfs the world and all there is of it as Judah, in this analogy, represents the world. You must realize Satan is not a friend to the world as he does not want to see anyone receive a blessing from the LORD. So even though the lost are enemies of God because they are followers of Satan, Matthew 13:24-30, the LORD blesses them that they live free of torment from him and Satan hates this. Consequently in the end when the LORD turns Satan loose on this world he will gladly do as he is instructed: Jeremiah 4:5-7.

Jeremiah 1:16
In verse 16 we see the LORD as He brings judgment unto all those who would not humble themselves before Him. He says "...I will utter my judgments against them touching all their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods, and worshiped the works of their own hands". This is the LORD speaking of all the atheist, agnostics, church members and idol worshipers as these people are all those who do not worship Him. Even all those who are not part of one of the aforementioned groups will not escape for as the chosen of God bring His word to the world all those who do not take heed will be counted as the lost. Therefore we have three states of man: 1) those chosen of God, 2) those lost who will humble themselves before the LORD and 3) the largest group, those lost who will not humble themselves and will consequently be dammed to punishment before death in soul and body. Those chosen of God we know have no choice; they have been preordained to salvation. The lost who will humble themselves before the will of the LORD will know His mercy in their lives and in their end: Jeremiah 36:2-3. Unfortunately the vast majority of mankind seek their own desires without regard for the LORD: Jeremiah 2:22-25, so as the LORD is a just God we can follow His reasoning for their horrible end.

Jeremiah 1:17-19
In verses 17 through 19 we see the LORD is telling all of His chosen to boldly take His will, through His word, to the world. He warns us all a second time not to falter or waver as He has promised us He will break us to pieces before the princes, the priests and the people if we do. Furthermore the LORD has made all of His a "defended city" against His adversaries as when we begin to speak His will they will become our adversaries as well. He has made us "iron pillars" and "brazen walls" and if we keep our eyes on Him we will not falter. The LORD grooms all who are His that we will stand against all, from the mightiest to the weakest of mankind. He forewarns us they will all fight against us but, none shall prevail for He is our strength delivering us through the wisdom, understanding and knowledge He will give unto us to do His will and His work.



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