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12:16 PM   [08 Mar 2012 | Thursday]

The Word We Love to Ignore

A part of our ladies group at church has been studying the Book of James through Beth Moore's "Mercy Triumphs" series. The homework  today talked about the word we all love to  ignore. Or detest. Or pray for but don't want to wait for. You pick.

Have you ever prayed the prayer "Lord, give me patience but give it to me NOW!" ? We'll, if you live in our fast-paced, control seeking, impatient, unruly society I believe you probably have. But realistic is a prayer like that?

We are a selfish bunch of people as Americans. Don't take me the wrong way...I love being an American, I love our nation, I love its people, but we are selfish.  The icing was put on the cake with the invention of the internet. No longer do we have to dig through knee deep stacks of books for research when with the keying of a few words and a click of the ENTER button we can GOOGLE anything we want...24/7! Another disclaimer: I LOVE THE INTERNET. Used in the right is the single most innovative, useful, resourceful tool of our time; however, the use of it has added to our impatient attitude(s).

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm probably one of the most impatient people I know. The reality of the situation is this: No matter how much I want matter how many times I ask God for it, he cannot be rushed. He cannot be taunted or pulled in any direction other than the right one. I cannot budge him one iota. What we can count on are all those things I just mentioned, get ready for's a biggee...God knows how everything will turn out. I love what Beth Moore says about that. "And, for every single person who belongs to Him, it turns out well."

So my exhortation is this: be steadfast and sure, patient and strong, lean on the Lord and trust his wisdom. He has your best interest at heart....and he wrote your story...he knows the ending. Seriously....would God write a bad ending for his children?  Really?

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yalanda | Thu Mar 08, 2012, 11:03

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You are right.  Our society has cultured us to be a bunch of selfish and spoiled people.  We want what we want when we want it, and we are no longer taught to be accountable for our own actions as demonstrated by the number of lawsuits filed.

While I was busy labeling society as being selfish and spoiled, I realized during my own trials, that I was too. I started to really understand that 1000 years is but a day to the Lord 2 Peter 3:8, when I was praying to make it through my own trials, and I realized just how weak my faith was wanting to be delivered instantly, because I thought I wouldn't make it through if my trials dragged on for any given length of time. 

However, as I am working to strengthen my faith in God, I realize now, it's not IF He Is Going to bring me through, but WHEN. I've learned firsthand that God Tells us to wait on Him patiently and confidently Romans 8:25, and He Means It:)

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