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12:30 PM   [08 Mar 2012 | Thursday]


There can be no doubt that the Bible is the most important document ever written or will ever be written. Although we have examined the Bible before, this book is so miraculous that it deserves to be explained again for those who have never read this gift from God. But, first we must get through the notion that the Bible was not actually written by God but by men. And, that is true, however the people that actually wrote the words were under the inspiration of God. What is in the Bible was the decision of God and what is not in the Bible was also His decision. Now, the original writings were different stories and letters written by people chosen by God, and at one point these pieces were assembled into a single book, the assembly also inspired by God.

So, now we have a book, but that book must be translated into all the languages that are spoken by man. We have to believe and have faith that each time the Bible was translated into a new language that the translation was also inspired by God. When the Bible was first translated into English, it was done by a group of men and they produced the King James Version. And, although it is written in early English, we can still read and understand what is being said to us. In fact, because it is in the early form of our language, we must read it very slowly and very carefully and this prevents people from just skimming over the content. It is therefore not necessary to revise the KJV and we cannot trust that any revision is Divinely inspired.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Whenever anyone reads the KJV Bible, that person will receive certain understanding that is meant only for them at that particular time. That same person can read the exact same verse at another time and receive additional understand that they did not get the first time… And, this goes on and on because the layers of understanding are endless and that is one of the reasons that the Bible is miraculous. But, for various reasons, some not very noble people decided to write revised editions of the KJV. The problem with that is that each chapter and verse that was revised is only what the person doing the revision understood the meaning to be at that time. And, by doing this, it freezes the layers of understanding at that point and the miracle is gone !!!

Whenever a person reads the Bible for the first time, it generally is not what they had expected to find. Although it can be considered an instruction manual for the Christian life, many think the Bible is written like a manual until they begin to read it. It is not easy reading, especially the Old Testament, but as we read along, we begin to see a thread developing and bits of understanding begin to become apparent. Unfortunately, many people become bored with much of it because it is so difficult to understand. But, the few that do read it and then read it again and again not only see but participate in the miraculous qualities of the book.

As we understand more about how the Bible was assembled and why, we also understand why it cannot be altered in any way. God does not like us taking His position and assuming His authority as to what should or should not be included. In early times, the book was altered by men that used it for their own benefit and other not so noble reasons. Some added, some subtracted and some did both. This is nothing new, even from the very beginning changes were being made to accommodate certain elements within the churches. Jesus speaks to this and is not happy with the churches and their alterations as we see in Revelation. When Emperor Constantine declared Christianity as the public religion, he still saw it as an outgrowth of the Jewish church and kept most of the Jewish and pagan rituals, and many remain today. The church is not the way to salvation, Jesus is, and is the ONLY way.  If God was not pleased with the changes that took place in the very beginning, we can be sure that He has not changed His mind now.  We do not know if by using an altered Bible puts us in jeopardy, but it just seems foolish to take that chance… If every denomination were to use the KJV as their manual, then unification would happen and there would only be one church… CHRISTIAN !!!

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SRCrosby | Fri Mar 09, 2012, 01:03

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Very nice post indeed

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