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Modern Day Thessalonicans

During my quiet time this morning I read the book of 1 Thessalonians.  While there are many great applications from the book, the thing that was impressed upon me today was how faithful Paul described the people of the Thessalonican church.  They had moved from worshipping idols to worshipping the living God.  They had gone from being a suffering people to people with genuine hope.  They had gone from being followers to being examples to those nations surrounding them.  In short, they had changed from the inside out. 

During the last presidential election, "change" was talked about frequently by Mr. Obama.  Without turning this into a political blog today, I would ask, do we believe the United States has changed much in the last four years under Obama's administration?  If so, has the change that has taken place been change that would honor and glorify our Holy Lord and Savior? 

I believe we are in a nation that needs a revival in the worst way.  I believe we are the last generation before Jesus will return.  I have hope that, like in Jonah's day, God will amend or delay His judgment on America because His people return to Him.  I'm not sure there is enough willingness in America to make those changes.  I pray that I have underestimated Americans.  I pray that revival sweeps across our country, churches overflow, and righteousness becomes important in daily life once more.  But the realist in me belives Christians should pray and hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. 

My challenge to believers today is to treat this day as if you knew Jesus would return tomorrow.  If you had that knowledge, how would you live today?  How would you interact with your coworkers or schoolmates?  What would you do for your last opportunity to serve Christ on earth?   The reality is Jesus could really come today even.  Do not live a life unworthy of the gift He gave you.  Do not be ashamed of what you did not do for Him during your life when you stand before Him to give an account.  Live today for Him, be holy (set apart for his use), and change the world in which we live!!

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yalanda | Thu Mar 08, 2012, 14:03

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I gathered that Obama may have disappointed you during his administration, but I respect the fact that as a Christian, you urge us to pray instead of joining those that are not familiar with God's Word and bash him. 

As a Christian, I do not agree with all of Obama's policies, which is true for every president that has held office in my lifetime.  However, as a Christian, I do know that regardless of how much my views differ from the president, the president was still appointed by God Romans 13:1. So although I may not always agree with the president, as a Christian I still respect him.

King Saul actually lost favor with God due to his disobedience, but because he was appointed by God, his successor King David respected him even while he was trying to kill him, and maintained his respect even after King Saul's death. Regardless of King Saul's actions, God Was Still in control.

I fear too that I have underestimated Americans, but I will not confuse that by under-estimating God.

Imagine what God Would Do if millions of Christians started praying for Obama to draw closer to Him. 

I am also challenging myself each day to put God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness at the forefront of everything I do, say, and think, so as you said, if enough of us did this and treated people the way we want to be treated, we could truly change the world.


highleyl | Sun Mar 11, 2012, 22:03

Yalanda, you make a great point about praying for our leadership, especially our president.  I agree with that wholeheartedly.  However, suppose that Mr. Obama was put in office for the sole purpose to bring America to a place of insignificance in the world arena.  If that is God's purpose for Mr. Obama, then His will shall be done.  Personally, I do not see a place for America in the End Times.  We are the strongest country in the world.  I think we are very close to the End Times.  Therefore I expect a mighty fall for the United States.  This does not make me happy, but if our days are up as the greatest nation on the planet, then so be it.  God is in control, and I am not concerned about it.  He will take care of those who blong to Him.  This election will be very interesting.  It looks like Mr. Romney will be Mr. Obama's opponent, but as a Christian, I don't really like either option.  Our country is becoming a scary place for Christian values.  Imagine what the world will be like when Christians are caught up with the Lord in a twinkling of an eye.  That could happen literally at any moment.  May God have mercy on those left behind.

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