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   [05 Mar 2012 | Monday]


In His letter to the church at Laodicea, Jesus speaks very "matter of factly," leaving no doubt as to how He sees them. In (Revelation 3:15-16), He tells them:

"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth."

People can say whatever they want to about our Lord, but this much is true. He always tells it like it is! When Jesus gave us His commands with promise, He wasn't "wishy-washy" about it. If we follow them, we must follow them all. If we pick and choose which ones to obey, we waste our time.  

Despite the fact that we like to think about the loving, glorious, and forgiving nature of our Lord, we really can't ignore one simple but hard fact: He deals out perfect justice, each and every time, to everyone of us...period!

God never hesitated in creating us. He never stopped loving us, even when we didn't love Him. He made it clear that He wants to have a personal relationship with us. But He also never forces us to obey Him. That is left up to us by order of the "free will" He gave us.

If we do come to Him, however, we must do so from our hearts, fully and completely ready to accept and follow His word. For those of us who trust in Him, the Lord guarantees eternal life. In all of these things there is no indecisiveness, our Lord is resolute in His promises to us!

However, when it comes to our earnest towards the Lord, the same cannot always be said...

Sometimes, we have a way of measuring our Godliness by worldly standards. If we treat others with some respect, and we are generally mindful of God; if we pray or go to church sometimes, surely we're okay with Him. Hey, we all have other things which we must do each and every day!

This kind of thinking plays right into the hands of Satan! He dilutes our righteous thinking, mixing in some truth along with it, to draw us far away from the path of God. Of course we have many things to, school, home and family activities, etc. And yes, God not only understands this,  He expects us to carry out such responsibilities.

The problem does not rest with daily obligations, but with the priority we give to our obligations...

All too often, we order our world around the things we have to do, or want to do. Somewhere within that structure, we might schedule time for God. He's "on the list," right after this thing or that. Such thinking is far too common place among us. But regardless of how often it occurs, it's not the way we should conduct ourselves in the Lord. 

If we are in the right place with God, we should want to please Him. We should be convicted of our faith and show it by our deeds. Yes, get to work or school on time. Yes, share with your family and friends. Go to the ball game, or the movies. But in all of this, make the Lord the first consideration!

How about finding time for an extra prayer each day. How about telling everyone you'll be there for the "get together" on Sunday, just as soon as worship services are over. If this seems "awkward" or "uncomfortable," that's certainly understandable. Such behavior could bring about some ridicule.  

Again, that's the way Satan wants us to see it. If we cave in to the social pressure which this may cause, we probably won't do it. And that suits the evil one just fine. But if we can realize and understand this, we can rise above such fears, giving priority to God as we should! We need to be just as resolute in our promises to God as He is with us!

All of us have room for improvement where our Christian lives are concerned. Anyone, including myself, would be a hypocrite if we didn't admit to this fact. That's why it is so important to try and walk closer to God each day. It's not always easy, and it won't happen overnight. But our heavenly Father is patient with all of us who make a sincere effort to do this. 

And, if we fall at some point, (and we will), God will help us along the way. He isn't "wishy-washy" about that either!     










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yalanda | Thu Mar 08, 2012, 14:03

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You're right.  At first there were wishy-washy church members, now it seems that pastors and entire denominations have become wishy-washy as well.  I was shocked and amazed when I read that some denominations are now accepting gay and female clery and officiating homosexual marriages.  How does that coincide with what the Bible says?  How do they explain it away?

I've attended churches where the pastor preached that God wanted us to be rich (financially)! What in the world?  I could go on and on, but it is amazing to me how churches are now bowing down to social pressure. 

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