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CWCC blessings!


God is amazing and that is all that I can say right now. Besides the fact that I am sorry I haven't been able to keep in contact with anyone. My first computer went kapute on me a few weeks ago. Since then I have gone through 2 other computers in hopes that they work. Both down falls. :( So here I sit, on a new; used, dell and ya know what? It's everything I have hoped for. It's small, it's light, I can do my work, listen to my music and get back in touch with everyone out there! :) What more can I ask for right?
Well to some much more! I have some good news that I have been longing to share with many who cares to know what is going on on my side of the world. And the only word that I can basically describe it as is, a blessing. Nothing short of a blessing. Unless you want to call it a miracle and hey you know what? That works too.
I suppose by now you are wondering just what has happened.. How about I start you off with a bit of bad news so the rest of the time you can read about all of God's good graces? First of all, our pastor and his wife just moved away. :( They will be back at the beginning of April for the big Easter breakfast but other than that; they permanently moved out of Nett Lake. Our small church is grieving. But with all bad you know as well as I, God blesses.
With that I am saying; we have someone coming as of March 9th, to run for pastoral candidacy! The church is all of talk about it. Now if God has his way in it, which he does, the new person will come, love the church, the parsonage, the community and be willing to stay for a permanent pastoral position. One can only hope and pray. The only downside for Bob and I is that we won't be here at that time to meet with him. :( We will actually be in Minneapolis at that time doing ministry work and in fellowship with wonderful friends! :)
We have Feed the Starving Children and I have the opportunity to speak about Native Ministries and my work through the church. Now that is what I am wanting to tell you all about! Back in December of 2011 I send numerous emails, (Actually I think it was back in November. I don't remember the exact month now but does that really matter?) asking for basically contact with my Cooking with Chef Channey kids. Well I finally got several responses back! :) And the best one of all was from a couple who live here in Minnesota! :) They want to come up and meet me very soon and I can't wait for them to come! I guess they're looking to come up by the end of April. :) Well they weren't the only ones who I heard from. I heard from another couple. A pastor and his wife. In return, not only are they thrilled by what they are doing, they are supporting me food wise and clothing for my kids wise and equipment wise!! There is nothing more that I could ask for!!
After I got of the phone with the pastor all I could do was cry! With nothing of course but pure joy. God answered my prayers! CWCC will soon be set with everything that we could possibly ever need that my kids will be able to have class for many months to come!! We are nowhere near stopping now! Nor should we! :) I couldn't be happier. :)
I have yet to tell my kids but I will on the 17th when we have our next class. We are actually hosting a baby shower and since it will be so early in the morning the kids will be having breakfast there. I'm making french toast sticks. Using a full loaf of bread and once the sticks are gone they are gone and then the real fun begins.
There is going to be so much going on they have no reason not to have something to do! There is a salad to put together, decorations to put up, cupcakes to frost, a card to sign! We have a lot of things to do and only a few hours to do it in. Along with the upcoming plans of what we are going to do come April.
Which reminds me, come April, each and everyone of my kids will have a passport, when they come in each month that we have a culturally themed month they will “fly” around the church, “land”, go through customs and the metal detectors and then cook something from a different culture as they learn about it as well! :) If they learn 5 out of 8 scriptures and they have traveled to 5 out 8 countries they will be able to win a HUGE reward! And that is a sleepover with movie at the church! :) Possible pizza party too. Can't let my kids go hungry! Lol. Breakfast in the morning and they have to be respectful of everything! We will probably be doing it on a Saturday night just because it'd be easier to get them home and keep them there for Sunday for church. After church they will get a ride home and have enough time to get sleep for school on Monday. If we try to get them to 8 countries by January they'd have a sleepover in the midst of winter when there is nothing that is going on. :) Make sense?
I hope so! Topper. I have help! My very dear friend, who is like my sister is actually going to come and help me chaperone. :) I so love her! Plus it's going to do some talking but I will hopefully have her boyfriend willing to help me chaperone the guys! :D
Isn't God great? Have I mentioned I now also have a cooking position at a local church each wed night cooking for teenagers? I also lead one Sunday at church! It's all because of God and that I am certain of! :) I am going to call it quits for now. I am sure you have more than enough to read!

TTFN and may God Bless You!

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