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Doubting Thomas Part 1

You know Thomas' most documented correspondence with Jesus.  He had to put his hand into the wound Jesus suffered at His Crucifixion in order to believe it was really Him that had raised from the dead.  However there is another encounter, or at least a conversation including Thomas that prompts one of Jesus' most important claims..... exclusivity.

In John 14:5, Thomas asks Jesus, "Lordwe don't know where you are going, so howcan we know the way?"  In verse 6 Jesus answered, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Fatherexcept through me."  Wow, that is a powerful staement that goes against everything the mainstream believes to be true.  Jesus is saying that only by His work can anyone be in God's presence, and only through faith in Him and accepting Him as Savior can anyone be reconciled with God.  The gravity of that statement is overwhelming. 

We cannot find another path to God.  Buddha, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, the Bab; they all fall short of Jesus.  Only Jesus could do the work that had to be done to reconcile sinful man with a Holy God.  Jesus was the only man to live a perfect life without sin.  Jesus was the only man who was also God simultaneously.  John goes on in Chapter 14 to explain Jesus' nature as both man and God.  Jesus was unique, and to trade him for any other human's philosophies or doctrines, is a fool's errand.  Jesus is the real deal.  All the others are leading to men only to their demise. 

John 14:6 is actually my favorite verse in the Bible.  It puts Jesus' charcter on trial.  If Jesus is just a good man as many other religions claim, then this verse paints Jesus clearly as a liar, and not a good man.  However, if Jesus is what He claims to be, then this verse is the key to salvation for every person who has ever lived in history.  So it is simple, either Jesus is a liar, a lunatic, or a legend.... OR He is exactly what he is portrayed as; the Son of God, co-equal with His Father, creator, God incarnate, and Savior.  There is no reasonable compromise in the middle of those two positions.  There is no plethora of ways to reconcile with God.  Only through a relationship with Jesus, based in one's faith in Him can one be granted eternal life.

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