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When Israel Attacks

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years you probably have heard that the Iranian government has been working feverishly  on a nuclear program.  The Iranians say it is for peaceful purposes; electricity and such.  The rest of the world is more skeptical.  The president of Iran has made on numerous occasions, remarks about systematically removing the Israelite people from the face of the earth.  Naturally nuclear weapons would greatly enhance his ability to succeed in this goal.  Consequently, Iran is an Islamic state, and if you read my blog yeaterday, you will already know that honesty is not really high on a Muslim's list of positive attributes especially if the cause of Islam can be furthered through deceit.  There is another reason why president A likes to espouse violence, mayhem, and mass catastrophe.  There is a prohecy in Islamic lore about the 12th imam.  This character is suppedly in hiding and has been for several centuries awaiting the proper time to usher in the end of the world.  However this imam will not make his entrance until hysteria is unleashed upon the earth; strife, warfare, and chaos must be present on a global scale.  Hence, Iran's desire to create as much devastation as they can.  They want to usher in the 12th imam and bringabout the global conversion of people to Islam.  Of course this prediction is rooted in falsehood, as is much of the Islamic doctrine.  The bible predicts a very different outcome for Iran and her allies when they attack Israel.  Yes, one day it won't be Israel debating on whether to pre-emptively strike Iran's nuclear program.  It will be Iran, aligned with Russia, and possibly Turkey and others who who swoop down on Israel to destroy her.  However, something completely unexpected will happen.  God, Jehovah will supernaturally destroy Israel's enemies utterly and completely.  This fate has been in prophecy for over 2500 years.  The bible's record on past prophecies is 100% accurate and even though many are yet to happen, there is no reason to expect that they all will not come to pass including Iran's demise at the hand of God on Israel's behalf.

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