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Quran Burning in Afghanistan

The recent burning of Qurans by US Forces in Afghanistan has prompted me to use this event as my initial posting of my newly formed blog page.  I have dedicated countless hours of my life to studying the Muslim people.  Islam is not a peaceful religion.  Those Muslims who advocate for that are not being true to the teachings of their holy book, the Quran.  Also, if you understand the tactics Muslims use to propogate their religion, you would understand that it is completely acceptable, even encouraged to be dishonest about their true motives when proselityzing.  Basically, they can lie as long as it leads to converts to Islam.  On top of that, Muslims read from a book that is fraught with inconsistencies.  However they explain those inconsistencies away through a term called "abrogation."  Abrogation is the idea that Allah can change his mind and pronounce new doctrinal positions that replace previous ones.  For example, Mohammed once proclaimed that Muslims were to pray towards Jerusalem by Allah's proclaimation.  Later, after Jews and Christians rejected Mohammed's message, Allah changed the location to pray towards from Jerusalem to Mecca.  He abrogated his previous word.  Can you see how trusting Islam would be a great matter of faith?  This is a religion that offers its followers little in the way of assurance that anything Islam teaches can be counted on.  That is a precarious place to be indeed.  So what does this have to do with burning Qurans in Afghanistan?  Nothing really.  If you understand the mind of a Muslim, you can see they they are desperate to please their god, Allah.  Unless they do so, there is no hope of them reaching their heaven called paradise.  The only guaranteed way for them to get to paradise is through jihad, or holy war.  Some Muslims claim this holy war is an internal struggle, but that is a guise to justify the more common jihad we see in the media; the bloody, violent type.  The reason the Quran burnings are so infammatory is they revere this book like nothing else in the world.  Many Muslims pay extravagent prices for the Quran they own.  They read it daily and place it in positions of esteem in their homes.  Some even build a special shelf near the ceiling of their house to ensure the Quran holds the highest place in their home.  It is an intersting thing to witness the degree of reverence Muslims hold for their holy book.  Westerners, and Americans in particular do not grasp the magnitude of a Muslm's loyalty to their religion.  Their religion is interwoven into every facet of their lives.  Government, religion, education, recreation, and everything else you can think of are all part of the Islamic lifestyle.  The Quran teached the majority of how they live their lives.  As such, the Quran is viewed as a sacred item.  Burning a Quran would be akin to burning a child to an American.  To a Muslim there would be no difference.  I am a Christian, and it took me a great deal of time to understand the Muslims worldview.  I pity them more than anything else, because they are following the teachings of a confused, and power-hungry man.  There is no Allah, but their is a God who loves them and sent His Son to die for them just like everyone else in the world.  This Son is named Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man comes to the Father, but through Him.  There is no other way to reconcile with God, except through faith in Jesus Christ.  I hope this blog helps those who read understand the Muslim people a bit better, and have compassion for them.  They are lost sheep following a hopeless religion.  Until tomorrow, God Bless your search for truth through Jesus Christ and His Word. 

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MaryRose | Sat Mar 03, 2012, 14:03

Your post is very informative and also very truthful.  It is very sad that this incident happened but even more sad that the Muslim people live in spiritual darkness. 

My son is in the Air National Guard and has been to Saudi Arabia, will be going to Afghanistan in Sept.  This is a volunteer mission, and even though I am concerned, I accept his choice and understand his loyalty to his fellow Air Force "brothers."  One thing he mentioned to me, after the Quran burning incident, is how his unit is always given extensive training in the culture in any area where they will be deployed.  I know they spend about 6 months in training for each "mission."  They have always been told to respect the customs of the people who are native to the country they will be visiting.  He believes this error was caused due to service men not following instructions which they were, supposedly, given.  Unfortunately, that lack of discretion, or poor training, or whatever, may have caused the death of their fellow "brothers." 

We will probably never know the entire story, who did what and why.  Quite frankly, the middle east wars don't make a lot of sense to me.  I grew up during the Vietnam era and that war was a terrible waste of human life.

I wish more people, like yourself, would take the time to learn more about people of all cultures and faiths.  We certainly don't have to agree with them, and many of us don't, but just studying them helps us to understand situations in a way that might avert further incidents such as this most recent tragedy.

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