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12:04 PM   [23 Feb 2012 | Thursday]

Like A Roaring Lion

After years of fearing Satan, my views on him has changed drastically through the revelation of the word of God. Why should I fear someone who is a fraud, a fake, a deceiver. I can call him these things because this is how the Bible describes him. According to the the 1st Book of Peter, Chapter 5, verse 8, the devil our adversary 'walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour', so my views of Satan is just that... he's a deceiver. He's not what he appears to be. He's not what we make him out to be.

Being a big Animal Planet and National Geographic viewer, I know a bit about lions and one thing that's sure about them is that they don't roar while they hunt, but they hunt in silence. If they roared when they were hunting, they would chase away whatever they were after, defeating the purpose. Their roar is to warn other animals of their presence and of the boundaries of their territory. Animals either stay away or enter in at their own risk, which usually leads to death.

This is how I see and has experienced the devil to operate. He lets us know loud and clear when we are entering into his territory. He roars and roars almost as if to warn us of dangers and potential death ahead, and at times we heed his roars and flee and at other times we proceed forward anyway. And oh, what trouble we enter in to. Think about it, if you heard the roar of a lion coming from any direction that you were headed in, what would you do? Would you continue on or go in a different direction?

Anything that is "like" something is not that. So when the Bible describes the devil as being 'like a lion', it simply means that he's not that. He may appear to be a lion but he's not. Jesus Himself is the Lion. Satan wants to be that, but he can't be so he tries to imitate the King. And yeah he is also building his kingdom and his territory is also expanding, but it's just a imitation of the true Kingdom.

Don't misunderstand me, he is 'seeking whom he may devour', so he is on the attack and on the prowl, but if we would pay attention to the sign; 'be sober and vigilant', we can avoid him and his territory and live.


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