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11:52 AM   [23 Feb 2012 | Thursday]


Thinking back to when I was a child, I remember that knock on the door every Saturday morning. They would knock, and we would run, turn off the t.v., turn off the lights and get as quit as we possibly could. They would stay for a minute and then leave. We would peek out through the blinds to make sure they were gone, and we would see them; coupled up, books in hand, sometimes with their children walking to the next house. This continued all throughout my childhood and even my teen and young adult life.



The answer to that question is simple, FEAR. In anything, we run because we aren't CONFIDENT in ourselves. So when it comes to that 'knock on the door', our lack of CONFIDENCE causes us to run, even though we "go to church" say we "know" the word of God. You see, it wasn't until I got into the word of God and found out the truth for myself, that I stopped running. Now, when they 'knock on the door', I grab my Bible and answer. That spirit of FEAR that was once upon me, no longer exist, because now the word is in me. And believe me, they come prepared, ready to defend their beliefs, which causes me to be prepared for their coming, with all CONFIDENCE.


I have one guy who comes to my house, 2-3 times a month, with a partner of course, to see "how my studies are going" and to share something new with me. We usually sit on the porch and we have a calm discussion; i see it as an opportunity to teach as well as they do. He usually starts off with some current news event, that he can connect to Bible prophesy, that we can agree upon and then the real discussion begins.


Together they know what the topic of discussion is going to be so the tag-team approach is strong. And also, the lead guy has already briefed his partner on who I am and what I do, so they somewhat know what to expect. We may talk for hours on a Saturday morning, which is fine if I free, cause my ultimate goal, is to plant seed; give them something to think about. Sometimes, I even ask them to pray about certain things that the Holy Spirit has led me in, in their alone time.



Remember a time while talking about the Trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit, after going back and forth, the Holy Spirit gave me this to say; "Jesus, who is the only begotten Son is also the Word; God's Word become flesh according to The Gospel of John, and therefore if He's the Word of God, not only is He part of(which they believe), but is God(which they don't), because you can't separate a man's word from the man". I went on to tell him that when he goes back to New York, his home, everything that I have said, he'll taking back with him, and although I may not physically be there, but because my words are with him, I am too, because he's taking my words". The man stopped speaking and said, "I never thought about that, but that's something to really think about". Now I don't know what affect or the ultimate affect that the words that were spoken had on him, but I do know that if i had not open the door, the seed of the word of God would not have been planted in him that day. My hope is that the seed planted in Mills the New Yorker will sprout and he will know the truth and come to the light.


And that's why I have chosen not to run any longer and encourage you also to open the door the next time "they" knock. Be a "witness" of what you know to be the truth. You just might win a soul.

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