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12:56 PM   [23 Feb 2012 | Thursday]


There is very little that we do these days that does not require us to read the instruction manual in order to get the most from what we do. Of course, we can hire someone to do the work for us, but we run the risk that the person may not know what he is doing, or it is done without the options that may give us more enjoyment or whatever the thing is supposed to do. It is probably a good idea to read the manual even if we have someone else do the job for us so that we can become personally familiar with what we are doing. It is even possible that we may find that the person on which we relied had done it wrong…

The Bible is the instruction manual for Christian life. It tells us all that we need to know about how we are expected to behave as well as how to achieve salvation. And, it was written by God, so we can be certain that it is absolutely correct… Here we have the most important thing in our lives and it is amazing how few people read the instruction manual. Many rely on their pastor to give them the proper information, but so many changes have been made to the original Word of God that the teachings are incorrect. It is not the fault of the pastor because he was taught using an altered Bible and believes that what he is teaching is correct… The changes were made many years ago by people that wanted to suit their own agenda, yet, changes are still being made now also.

Now, we know that man can negotiate with God because the Bible gives us stories in which this was done. Abraham and Moses were just a couple of people, but there were others such as Lot, so we know that under certain circumstances, God is willing to negotiate. However, He has never been known to negotiate about His instructions to us concerning Christian life.  We can be fairly certain that when we leave this earth that trying to explain to God that we did not keep to His words because we did not know the rules is not going to make much difference to Him. He probably is not going to tell us that it was alright that we did not assume our personal responsibility to read the instruction manual and open the door to paradise to us…

When Jesus asks us if we understood this or that lesson and we tell Him that we never knew about those lessons, He probably is not going to be very impressed with our commitment to Christianity. Thinking that we will achieve salvation by being a Sunday morning Christian is just a foolish notion that makes Satan very happy. The reality that the percentage of people learning the incorrect instructions is staggering will only become evident at the last judgment, but then it is too late. Jesus warns us many times about always being prepared because we will never know when the end will come for us. As long as we are still alive, then there is still time to examine what we have learned and see if it is in alignment with the true Words of God… And, if is not, and probably will not be, then we must alter our actions and beliefs to place them in alignment with correct biblical doctrine.

An example of how far away from the truth that we are is what is happening this very day. Today, an enormous number of “Christians” celebrate what is called Ash Wednesday. Where this ritual came from could probably be discovered but it certainly did not come from the Bible. And exactly what it is might even be is a very frightening aspect of satanic influence in certain groups. Palm branches are burned and turned into dust and then placed on the forehead of the members of the group. If we examine this ritual, a possible explanation can be very frightening. In the days of Jesus, the palm branches were a symbol of respect and were thrown in front of Jesus as He enter the city being given great respect and honor. A week later, these same people condone the execution of Jesus !!! So, on Ash Wednesday, this group burns or destroys the symbol of honor and places a mark on the forehead of the followers. This sounds very familiar with an activity that takes place as described in Revelations !!!

Now, we are not suggesting that these good people are doing this knowing that it could possibly be an evil ritual. They more than likely believe it is a way to honor God, but nothing even remotely close to this activity is mentioned or even suggested in the Bible, and these are the type of activities that should be examined so that when we come to God, we can say: “ Lord, I did it Your way…”

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