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   [17 Feb 2012 | Friday]

Schools Fear Law Suits Over "Creation" bill...


"We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn."

~Matthew 11:17~


In an article entitled "Creationism Bill Dies In Indiana House" featured on "," Mr. Brian Bosma, Indiana Speaker of the House, killed a bill which would have allowed creationism to be taught along with evolution in school science classes.

The Republican Speaker was of the opinion that such a law would bring expensive law suits at a time of already stifling budget deficits. The Indianapolis Star news quoted the Speaker as saying "this is a fight that should really not be fought at this point." He further stated "It looked to me to be buying a law suit when the state could ill afford it."

What a sad commentary on today's society. Here's a law maker who is more concerned about being sued than providing a balanced cirriculum of informative education. What's even sadder is that his fear of legal reprisal is probably well founded!

America is in a complete moral "funk" these days! As we attempt to distance ourselves from God; As we seek to blot out anything "theological" from our schools, judical systems, and political arenas, we sink ever lower as a nation. And yet, we continue to shun Godliness as a guideline for any of our social ills. Actually, people have been doing this since the beginning of time, all across the globe! 

Is it any wonder why Jesus made the comment which is quoted above? Most people didn't celebrate eternal salvation made possible by the death of Christ, as they didn't accept Him as the Son of God..."played the flute...and you did not dance."

In the same way, people didn't respond to the ministry efforts of John, who taught that any doctrine than that of salvation through faith in Jesus would lead to eternal death..."sang a dirge, and you did not mourn." The people of the first century were like obstinate children who refused to listen in either case.

We seem little different today. Stiff-necked people continue to look everywhere else but to the Lord for answers to our problems. We continue to rebuff Him as the one and only Savior of our souls. And we certainly don't want our children afforded the right to learn about God so that they can choose for themselves what they wish to believe!

Afterall, we could be sued for making such a decision as that. Hey, prudent financial decisions are the most important thing, right? Money IS money!


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