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Does our sense of right and wrong mean anything?


Right and Wrong, Just and Unjust
To bring the undeniable knowledge of right and wrong to the forefront of your mind, please read the following list and sincerely consider the injustice in our world. If you have experienced injustice in your own life, bring that to mind also.
     Many innocent people died on 9/11. Some get HIV AIDS from a blood transfusion. Millions of innocent people have died in wars. Some kill others, claiming God’s approval. Innocent children are kidnapped and killed. Others are randomly murdered. Adults sex-ually abuse innocent children. Over 30,000 children die every day of hunger and preventable diseases, 24 every minute. Wrongfully accused people are in prison right now. Simply professing to trust Jesus in strict Muslim countries can lead to imprisonment, torture and death. Some are wealthy beyond belief simply because of their family. Some are rich from crime. Many work hard and are still poor. If the items         listed stir your conscience, it is because you know they are unfair and unjust. The question is, does this profound sense of injustice that you experience when you review these facts have any meaning, or is this inner sense simply a worthless illusion?
    Philosopher Immanuel Kant, in the following moral argument for God’s existence, concluded that if this inborn sense of right and wrong, just and unjust has any meaning at all, the following must exist:
1.  There must be justice. Since there is not justice  
     in this life, there must be life after death.
2. For justice, there must be a judgment.
3. For perfect judgment, a perfect moral judge must 
4. The judge must have all knowledge, so he cannot 
     make an error in judgment.
5. The judge must be all powerful, so he can carry  
     out any punishment he imposes on the guilty.
Kant’s conclusion points to the God of the Bible without using the Bible and further confirms the necessity of God’s existence.
Read all of GRAVITY for free at . The buy some print copies for under a $1 and hand them out to family and friends. Bring as many as you can into the lifeboat we are already in.

Gravity True For You But Not For Me: Evidence For Gods Existence and Identity

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StevenPaul1953 | Wed Feb 15, 2012, 15:02

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Very good information. Thanks for sharing...There is a God, and He is in control. We may not know why certain things happen, but we must trust He has a purpose for everything.

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