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   [10 Feb 2012 | Friday]

We're Only Human...


"Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck."

~Psalm 69:1~


What a life King David lead! God was upon his heart at an early age, when as just a young boy, he was able to kill the Philistine warrior Goliath with one single stone, thrown from a simple slingshot. At a time when King Saul and all of the Isrealite soldiers ran from this giant in fear, displaying a lack of faith in God's ability to provide them the victory, David showed his complete faith in his Lord and won the battle easily...

(1Samuel 17: 1-51)

As this boy grew, so did his love and trust in God Almighty. He was God's warrior, fighting many battles in the name of the Lord, and was given many victories. But he was also a man and therefore susceptible to sinful desires. One of his well known trespasses was with Bathsheba, the wife of one of his soldiers named Uriah. In a moment of lustful desire, he committed adultry with her and she became pregnant, making matters even worse! 

King David then sent word to his battle commander, Joab, to have Uriah placed on the front line of the battle where he would surely be killed...and he was. Later, when it came time for the birth of the ill-conceived child, God was so displeased with David that the baby was taken away from him and Bathsheba by death.

However, instead of revolting against God, he humbly bowed and asked for forgiveness of all his sin. And because of this attitude, the Lord was merciful. Eventually they had a son, named Solomon, who became one of the greatest kings to ever rule rulers over Israel...

(2Samuel chaps.11-12) 

Through all of the triumphs and hardships of his life, David's love for God never faded. At times, David was even called "a man after God's own heart." In fact, it was from the family lineage of David that Jesus Christ Himself came! 

The lesson we can learn here is simple but so true. God is a fully loving and tenderly merciful Father of all. For those who come to Him through His Son, Christ Jesus, and accept the discipline in love which the Lord sends to those whom He loves, a crown of life awaits! 

So, in times of trouble in our lives, we must never give up on God and our service to Him! Instead, learn to take stock of our lives, and make any changes which need to be made. Continue in Him even more diligently, serving others fully in His name.

Yes, we will always be challanged in this life. We will still fall to sin's calling at times. But God is always faithful to forgive us as we repent and ask for His mercy. Our Lord loves us like no one else can; He loved us when we were completely unlovable! And He will never forsake His faithful...

David is certainly a testament to that fact! 

-Steven Paul   


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