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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [05 Feb 2012 | Sunday]


Every person that claims to be a Christian believes that they are saved and will reach paradise upon their death. This is a comforting thought, but certainly not true !!! It is true that if you are saved that you will reach paradise, but claiming this belief does not get us there. The only thing that gets us there is being a Christian and not just claiming to be one. Jesus speaks about a person must be like a little child to be acceptable and Paul talks about being fed with milk like a child because we are not prepared to eat adult foods. So, what does this mean and how does it affect our relationship with God and salvation ???

A child is totally dependent upon his or her parents, especially the mother, for everything. In fact, without them, the child would probably die, just as we would die a spiritual death without our Lord. The child learns everything from the parents in the beginning of his or her life and how that life turns out is established by how the child is raised. It is no different when we ask our Father to become one of His children. We must come to Him as a child and humble ourselves and submit ourselves totally to His will for us. Some people do this, but, very few… Most people just say the words and feel pretty good and then go on with their lives just as they had done before.

A committed Christian understands that God is now in control of our lives. He always was, but we did not know or even believe this, however now we willingly submit our lives to Him. We do not make a decision and then go to Him and ask for His blessings for our plan, all that is doing is hoping that He will accept our own plan for aspects of our lives. A Christian comes to our Father, through Jesus, and asks what should we do in every circumstance as it happens and then listen and do what He tells us to do… So, how do we get these answers ??? It is simple, we just go to the Bible and the answer will be there. But, there are times when the answers come in some pretty unusual ways also. But the Spirit will let us know.

There is not any human experience that is not described in some fashion that is not discussed in the Bible. And, most of the time a few answers are given, a right decision and many wrong decisions are usually described. We have examined the Old Testament before and understand that the nature of man is an essential and important aspect of this part of the Bible. Most of the answers as to what we should do and not do in different situations are addressed in the Old Testament and this is why it is so important to study these words almost as diligently as the New Testament…

Now, what do we get when we truly give ourselves to God as a true Christian ??? Not much except for a life without any worries or concerns for our future. We get correct and proper answers to every question that we have. We get the Spirit to guide and lead us down the proper paths. We get all of our needs and even some of our desires. And, we get to spend eternity in the presence of God… If we think back when we were children, we can recall that, in reality, we had no worries or concerns because we knew our parents were there to take care of all things for us. Well, it is exactly the same when we become a true Christian and that is a pretty good deal considering that we have to do almost nothing in order to gain this amazing gift. All we have to do is be honest with our commitment and not just be a Sunday morning Christian. Christianity is a way of life not just a particular way of believing in God. We do become a new person and all the old things are washed away, but only if we are true to that commitment. Only a few will reach Heaven and empty gestures and words will not be enough to be one of the few. We all need to constantly examine our actions and decisions to make certain that they are the will of God and not our own notions of what is the right thing for us to do in every situation… God never makes a mistake !!!

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