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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:12 PM   [30 Jan 2012 | Monday]


It is extremely important to recognize that the information given to us from within the Bible is the only things we need to know in order to understand our responsibilities as a Christian. If certain subjects are not discussed, then they are not important for us to know. But, this does not stop many people from writing many books concerning aspects about which we know nothing. An example of this is the many books written about the life of Jesus as he grew up. Most people believe that He was a carpenter, but, in reality, we do not know this nor do we know anything about his life in His teens or twenties. We know nothing, nor does it matter !!!

The reason that these types of books are written is difficult to understand considering they add nothing to our knowledge or understanding of biblical doctrine. In fact, many of these books offer us wrong information concerning doctrine and we must wonder where Satan enters the scene under these circumstances. It is not surprising when asked, most people will say that there were three Wise Men that came to Jesus at His birth, and this is completely wrong. The Wise Men came bearing three gifts at about the time Jesus was at least one and a half years old. There could have been two or as many as ten Wise Men, no one knows, nor does it matter. What matters is that it is wrong and this incorrect thinking advances onto more important issues. There is not a single book written about the early life of Jesus that is based upon fact and should never be used in Bible study. The only correct and reliable information that we have is that from which we get from the Bible.

Another problem that creates misunderstanding is taking verses out of context and basing a belief on that single verse. We hear people quoting their favorite verse in normal conversation, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with what they are talking about because they have not totally understood the meaning of the verse. There are very few, if any, important verses with great meaning that are repeated in more than one of the gospels but with a slightly different phraseology.  Every lesson or message is backed up in other places and it is necessary to read them all in order to grasp the true meaning.

It is very easy to be influenced by others who we believe are intelligent people. Often times there may be a verse or lesson with which we are having difficulty grasping the meaning and so we may read what others have concluded concerning the issue. But, we must remember that the person offering the explanation is only giving his or her opinion and it may very well be incorrect, especially if Satan is involved, and he usually is. God will always give us the proper understanding if we ask and wait for it…

Carl Jung, the cofounder of psychiatry, along with Sigmund Freud, was certainly a brilliant man. At one point, Jung wrote an entire book about the fact that man is actually god and that there was not only a single Divine Being and this belief was based on a single sentence spoken by Jesus. The Pharisees were arguing with Jesus about when the kingdom will come. Jesus explained “…..the kingdom of God is within you.” ( Luke 17:21 ) and based on these seven words, Jung concluded that all men were gods !!! The problem with  this ridiculous conclusion is that it entered into his teachings to his students and as they became Psychiatrists, it influenced their treatment to their patients and so on down the line. And, who is going to question Carl Jung ??? It can be and is a dangerous practice to seek advice from books written that give information about which we know nothing. The Bible is not subject to opinion !!! God will always help us understand what He wants us to know in many ways and one of them may be by reading someone else’s’ thoughts on the subject. But, we must always make certain that whatever information a person may get is in exact alignment with biblical doctrine. But, the best place to look for help is always the Bible and God. The Bible tells us that if any man lack wisdom to ask God and He will gladly give it. And, “any” man mean any, the person does not even need to be a child of God… Bible commentaries are very interesting, but it is surprising how different most are from each other in their opinions… The Bible is the only accurate source of information. We should never underestimate the extent to which Satan will go to confuse and add doubt or give us wrong information concerning biblical doctrine. The Bible really is the only source of truth and we should exercise our faith that God will give us the understanding when we need it…

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