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Struggles with Church

So I am dealing with some massive power struggles at church. As of right now, not only am I the youngest church member there but I am the youngest church member with so much power. I am the asst. secretary/treasurer, teach a cooking class and asst. janitor. And I MAY even begin to teach older kids their sunday school!! So I can see how people can see me as a threat or can get mad at me. This young girl comes into the church and slowly starts to take over everything in over 2 years and here they have been there for YEARS before me. I understand that. But I guess that's the thing bugs them and I would understand.
As of right now my pastor and his wife are gone. They are trying to get transititoned for when they move to Illinois again. So that means Sunday morning I have to try and be cheerful when I have to deal with this lady that comes. She drives me crazy!! She's getting senile, and shouldn't be driving or anything alone. She can't hear. But her and I never got along entirely. I love her as a person because I know she has a family and I wouldn't wish anything bad on her at all but her personality just drives me nuts!! She knows that no one is there until at least 9:45 and then she comes at 9:30 sometimes as early as 9. So now when they are gone I have to leave earlier from my house just to go down and let her in!! I have 4 dogs at home. Leaving them locked up from 10-12:30 or 1 is more than long enough. But from 9-12:30 or 1 is really pushing it! That's an entire extra hour they have to be locked inside because she insists on being there at 9!! *sigh*
But what do you do?? If I don't have her hounding me I have another lady hounding me for anything bad that goes on through the church, I am NOT the only one there at the church! Put it on someone else too! But it won't happen. Ugh. And here our church is going through transition with a new pastor. I am beginning to wonder how things are going to transition there. I don't see much hope but I am trying to maintain faith.

I did get a bit of good news though. I found out the dates for the upcoming Women's retreat in Sept and my mom has decided to come with me! :) I am so excited!! I am trying to get everything set up now so we can get the handicap cabin for her. She's perma in a wheelchair. So for her the opportunity to come with me and do this would be great! I am beyond thrilled! :) There is so much we can do together. :)
TTFN! I have much more to do yet!

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fs1 | Fri Jan 27, 2012, 18:01

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Not required that you have to like everyone. Maintain your faith no matter where you are, you'll be alright. Nice good news.

minerscut | Sat Jan 28, 2012, 01:01

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Kudos for you for being available! Someone very wise once told me to do everything for the audience of one...Jesus Christ!  Patience is a virtue and love never fails, etc., etc., etc. Take it from someone who's been in church FOREVER. There are always those who "test our faith", but the true test of our faith is how we deal with it. I am, however, envious of your mother/daughter relationship. My mom has been gone since I was just out of college, in my mid-twenties. I would give anything to have that time back...she was my best buddy. You have a good heart. And remember the scripture that speaks of doing everything as unto the LORD! Blessings!  Hazel P.

StevenPaul1953 | Mon Jan 30, 2012, 17:01

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Keep a loving heart towards everyone and towards God. Pray for His strength and guidance. You answer to the Father, and Him alone. But that includes conducting yourself in an acceptable manner before Him!

Keep going on in faith and good works!


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