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Why Everyone’s Belief About God Cannot Be True


Here is a small portion of a book I just recently came out with for non-believers and believers entitled Gravity True For You But Not For Me - The evidence for God's existence and Identity. Read the entire book at for free.



Many sincere and good people, who have varying beliefs about God, have the right to believe whatever they want. However, everyone’s belief cannot be true when it comes to God’s existence and identity. This is not uncaring or intolerant; it’s simply, as we have just reviewed how truth works. If truth could contradict itself, a Christian and an Atheist would both be correct about God’s existence and we know this is impossible.

Suppose you were a detective and six people showed up (an Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu and Christian) with different stories claiming to be the sole heir of a tremendous fortune. Could they all be telling the truth? No, you would immediately recognize the obvious problem, six people claiming to be the sole heir is a contradiction and could not possibly be true. Therefore you would check out their stories and follow the evidence to uncover the truth. At some point their explanations would be contra-dictory to the facts in your investigation. Once you discover who the actual heir is, you would know for certain that the other five claims were false, no matter how close to the truth they appeared.

When it comes to God we have a similar situation. Many people have shown up and claim to know the truth about God. On the surface it may seem like most of them are headed in the same direction. But when we look closer, we see that they all contradict each other when it comes to the most important points, like salvation. Christianity is the sole belief that teaches salvation by God’s grace, through faith alone. The others teach works (good deeds) and specific conditions as a necessity. Both can’t be right.


Contradictory Claims About

Jesus, Salvation and Eternity

Biblical Christianity – One God, Jesus the Son is God in the flesh; salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus alone; heaven for believers; non-believers end up in hell.

Roman Catholicism – One God, Jesus the Son is God in the flesh; salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus plus works and penance here and in purgatory; heaven’s the end result for true believers; non-believers in hell; claims to be the only true church.

Islam – Jesus was a prophet; salvation by belief in Allah, Mohammad and good works; true believers go to heaven; non-Muslims in hell.

Hinduism – Jesus was a prophet; millions of gods; salvation through good works and overcoming karma; reincarnation.

Buddhism – Jesus was an enlightened man; salvation by the cessation of desire through eight fold path and works; extinguish the ego to enter nirvana, a form of heaven.

Higher Power – Whatever anyone believes about Jesus, salvation and eternity is true. Every belief about God is true.

New Age – Jesus was an enlightened man/god; salvation not needed because we are all gods like Jesus, but don’t realize it; reincarnation in new life based on works; contradictions among adherents embraced so beliefs can vary widely.

Mormonism – Jesus, spirit brother of satan was once man like all men; salvation by faith in their Jesus, being obedient to Mormonism and good works; non-Mormons get 2nd chance after death to convert; best Mormons get their own universe and become its god; worst of the worst are cast into eternal darkness;

claims to be the only true church. aka: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or LDS.

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Jesus is the archangel Michael; salvation by faith in Jesus plus works and obedience to JW teaching; most believers live eternally on a renewed Earth; non-believers die, cease to exist; claims to be the only true church.

Atheism/Humanism – Jesus just a man; no afterlife; die, buried.


When it comes to Jesus our list indicates that New Age believers, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in Jesus too, but their versions of Jesus contradicts the Bible and each other. Muslims say Jesus existed but did not die on the cross and rise again. Most say Jesus was just a man. The Bible says Jesus is God in the flesh and the only way to heaven. Everyone cannot be correct. To come to a version of Jesus which is contrary to the Bible, people arbitrarily reject parts of the Bible they do not like and build their own Jesus. Then they add other books with teachings that contradict what Jesus taught, and with no evidence, claim these are correct and the Bible is false. Although this list is obviously not all the beliefs about God, the contradictions are more abundant when you add others.

If the evidence shows us that God does exist, we will be utilizing the law of non-contradiction, defined on page five, to eliminate those beliefs that contradict the truth. I want to reiterate we should respect others and co-exist. Every person has the right to believe whatever they want and no one has the right to force their beliefs on anyone. But the truth of the matter is simply stated in the following quote:


“Contrary beliefs can exist but contrary truths cannot.”

Dr. Frank Turek, author I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.



Read the entire e-book for free at Send it to non-believing friends and family for free. Learn for yourself just how little faith it takes to believe based on the facts.


God Bless, Michael Edwards

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