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StevenPaul1953 (2)


12:21 PM   [12 Jan 2012 | Thursday]


As we  read through some of the blogs submitted to this site, it is difficult not to notice the amount of misunderstanding that some have concerning Christian doctrine. The principle of tithing comes up often and tithing is not a Christian principle or requirement…Clearly, it was a Jewish rule, but all of those regulations were eliminated upon the death of Jesus. There is absolutely no mention of tithing within the New Testament as a requirement to Christianity. The Book does say that God loves a cheerful giver, but one must read on to understand what that means. Taking that statement out of context and the persistent preaching by some Pastors concerning this aspect could easily confuse almost anyone. If we read on, we find that the Bible tells us that giving is a variety of things depending upon what God wants from each of us. In some cases, money is what He expects, but there are many other activities that are mentioned that are considered “giving”… Each of us will be given a job to do for the benefit of the church to which we belong, but giving money is not for all of us, just those that God has selected.

If your Pastor tells the congregate that tithing is a requirement, there is a problem !!! The Pastor who preaches tithing is telling us any number of things, all of which are not good. He is either uniformed, or he is greedy, or he is demonstrating his lack of faith that God will provide whatever is necessary in order to keep the group going. Any one or all of these things are bad for the people under his responsibility and he should be questioned concerning this belief. There is a huge amount of discussion by Jesus and in the Epistles concerning not worrying about financial things because God knows our needs and will provide whatever it is that we need… So, a Christian can either listen to his or her Pastor or listen to God. It is your decision !!!

Unfortunately, many church groups collect far more money than it needs in order to continue serving the members. Some of the huge television “churches” actually have counting rooms were the money is counted and recorded, and the Pastors live in mansions and live very richly. The Bible speaks of this also and tells us of many “shipwrecked” teachers as a result of money.

We are certainly not claiming that all Pastors are corrupt, but clearly some are. The members of the group usually rely heavily upon what their leader tells them, but if tithing is one of those things, that Pastor should be questioned. The problem is that too many claiming Christians have not even read the Book and therefore do not know what is expected of them. We have a direct and one on one relationship with God which is far more important than our relationship with our Pastor. We should get to know God and what are His expectations for us because it is different for everyone. If a person wants to be a Doctor, that person must study and do whatever is necessary for the individual to do themselves. You cannot have someone else do it for you… If a person wants to be a Christian, it is the same principle. You must do it yourself and not let someone else do it for you !!! Listen to Jesus when He says “learn of me” and you will find that many things that are being taught are not aligned with biblical doctrine !!!

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starsabove | Wed Jan 11, 2012, 22:01

 Tithing is Biblical, however, it is the easiest one to get wrong and unfortunately many Pastors and Priests do exactly that.  Paul's mission was to not need to ask anyone for help and to provide for himself funds to travel and preach the gospel.  His organization, was self sufficient.  A church that we attend cannot be self sufficient without funds, so it is good to pool our money to provide the things we need.  

Here's the thing.  Giving 10 percent on a regular basis and being self sufficient becomes a personal goal when we tithe.  Make a commitment to God, laying up treasure in heaven there also will your heart be.  Holding on to you money, that's where your'e heart will be.  I'm saying when we make that commitment it has an edifying effect on our faith.  It makes you a stronger person.  

Is it hard to do?  Yeah, it takes faith.  


StevenPaul1953 | Sat Jan 28, 2012, 13:01

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I agree with you, giving a "tenth" of our income is not a command for NT Christians. And I agree that there are several ways we can, and are expected to "give" in the work of our Lord.

Thank you for standing up for that point!


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