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Isaiah 65


A Review of Isaiah 65
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 65:1

In verse 1 our Lord GOD is speaking of His called and chosen.  We can be the elect of God but, we will run with the world and consequently know the judgment of the world until our Lord GOD will have mercy on us: Isaiah 51:17-22.  However once the elect of God have been called and chosen they will begin to do the work of taking forth the gospel of the LORD.  Then, in the life to come, we will truly see the power of the gospel of our Lord GOD: Isaiah 49:20-23.

Isaiah 65:2-7

In verses 2 through 7 the LORD is clearly speaking of the lost.  We see in verse 2 how the LORD has, and continues even till today, attempted to appeal to the lost who only desire their own way: Jeremiah 18:12.

In verse 3 the LORD is speaking of the practice of false worship, which in truth is the worship of Satan.  Any worship other than the worship of God as He describes in His word is the worship of Satan and the Most High God will not accept nor excuse it: Leviticus 10:1-2.  There are only two powers in this life, the LORD and Satan, and every man worships one or the other: Revelation 17:12-14.  So everywhere we look today we see the fulfillment of Luke 16:13; the vast majority of mankind seeking their own way, the way of the lost, while the LORD is the only way.

In verses 4 and 5 we are reading of the practices of mankind.  The significant thing to note is all those things spoken of in verse 4 are things the LORD has told mankind, at that time, not to do.  Therefore we can draw a parallel between then and now as mankind today live life completely in discord with God.  In verse 5 we see the same people professing their holiness and the LORD declaring His consequent disgust.

In verses 6 and 7 we see the anger of the LORD as He tells us in verse 6 He will repay evil with evil.  In verse 7 we can see our Lord GOD is reiterating the sentiments of repayment.  Just in these 6 verses we see the cry of the LORD to a people who refuse to hear Him.  He discusses the activity of these people who have decided to go their own way.  Then we see the LORD as His patience comes to an end.  He speaks of an end for these people fitting for their works: Zephaniah 1-3.

Isaiah 65:8

For the sake of the servants of the LORD He will not destroy all mankind.  The LORD will save the remnant He has elected from before the foundation of the world that He will not make a full end of all mankind: Isaiah 11:10-12.

Isaiah 65:9

In verse 9 the LORD says “And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob”.  The seed the LORD will bring out of Jacob are His elect as Jacob here represents all of His called and chosen: Isaiah 29:22-23.  In the remainder of this verse we see the LORD speaking explicitly about His chosen as they will inherit His Mountains.  As our Lord GOD refers to mountains we can search the Bible and we will find mountains, when used this way, are referring to heaven and the new earth: Nahum 1:15.  Nahum 1:15 is written as it is to show the called and chosen of God are at this time in heaven.  We know this because the LORD closes this verse speaking of the lost as He says “he is utterly cut off”.  We also know the lost are utterly cut off when the LORD destroys this world in the end; consequently this verse has got to be referring to heaven as mountains as this earth will be no more.

Isaiah 65:10

In verse 10 the LORD is telling His, as only His will see it this way, He will turn the barren state of our lives into bliss.  Yes, although many people don’t realize it our lives are barren without the LORD.  Read of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the New Testament prophets as well and look closely at their lives.  You will see that except for the work of the LORD they are all empty.  This is also true of all those who are not called and chosen of God as their lives are completely empty; they are only littered with nonsense, triviality and many pursuits having no eternal value.   We see in this verse the LORD is characterizing our lives as Sharon which is almost a waste land in Biblical times.  The LORD is saying He will make Sharon a “…fold of flocks”.  This is to say He will take us from our desolate existence here on this earth and bring us to His Holy Heaven where our eternal lives will be glorious.  In the second portion of this verse the LORD is reiterating the point as Achor in Hebrew means trouble, but the LORD will make it a place for herds, all of His called and chosen, to lie down in. Clearly He is drawing a parallel between our lives here on earth and the desolate state of Sharon even the trouble which occurred in Achor; then He proceeds to give us an abbreviated view of our lives in heaven.

Isaiah 65:11

“But ye are they that forsake the LORD” is our Lord GOD speaking of those who are not called and chosen of Him.  These are all those who desire and seek only their own way with no regard for the commands of the LORD.  These people make up the vast majority of the world as noted in Jeremiah 44:15-17 where we see Jeremiah stand alone, for the LORD, against “a great multitude” who seek only their own way.  Their only motivation is the satiation of their lusts; therefore they are literally worse than the brute beasts that roam the woods and the forests seeking only their next meal.  This is the natural state of all men, both elect and lost, since Adam and Eve blatantly forsook the LORD in the Garden of Eden.  So we see this verse is speaking all of mankind, including the elect, until the LORD will take His from amongst the mass: Isaiah 54:6-8.   Even still they are only a remnant: Romans 9:24-29.  The vast majority are those who forget His Holy Mountain as they prepare the table, their worship offerings, for that troop.  The word troop in this verse is a substitution for the word gad which was a Canaanite god so, you should begin to see the LORD is speaking of all those who worship their own gods rather than Him: the one true God.  In the last part of the verse the drink offering is also furnished as an offering unto the false gods by the lost; that is all men even the elect before salvation.

Isaiah 65:12

In verse 12 we see the consequences of verse 11 as the LORD speaks of the lost.  The LORD will take His elect from amongst the lost and all who remain are those to whom He speaks.  In the first clause of this verse the LORD has vowed to slaughter those who ran in their own way.  In the second clause He defines those who ran in their own way.  They are all those who did not hear when the LORD spoke: remember Jeremiah 44:15-17? The LORD will allow one to go his own way and seek his own desires but, the LORD is telling us here what awaits them in their end.  They will not simply lie down and go to sleep forevermore as they all have a debt to pay, but they will pay the piper for the tune to which they danced, 1 Kings 21:20-24, for they “chose that wherein I delighted not”. 

Isaiah 65:13

In verse 13 the LORD is telling us His will toward the people to the world.  All those who are not elect, to be called and chosen of Him, will suffer the things spoken of in verse 13.  Even still there are those who are not elect of God so they will never be called and chosen but, they will not suffer these things.  They are all those who will recognize the truth of the Bible and humble themselves, as best they can, before the truth that He will have mercy on them.  So the LORD tells us in His word that among those lost to Him He will have mercy on those who will humble themselves unto Him and only cursing unto those who will go their own way: Jeremiah 42:11-16.

Isaiah 65:14

In verse 14 we see the LORD is telling the world not of things to come, but of the things which are.  As we look at the lives of many we see the poor and the affluent, the healthy and the sick, the young and the old whose lives exemplify this principle.  We find those in all the groupings there are who are content with what God has provided and a majority who complain constantly.  This is the fulfillment of verse 14 as today we see people from every strata of life who “howl for vexation of spirit”.

Isaiah 65:15

In verse 15 we are seeing the intents of the LORD toward those who desire their own way.  “And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen” is the LORD speaking unto all those who do not accept their God given role.  All mankind has been created by God to be servants unto our Lord GOD.  However, immediately after the sin of Adam and Eve, their disobedience, mankind developed a “sense of self”.  The oneness with God was gone and mankind’s focus instantly changed from the LORD to the nature of this world: Genesis 3:6-7.  Although mankind acquired wisdom from ingesting the forbidden fruit there was a seed of sin in mankind all along.  It was foreseen by God that Satan would germinate this seed of sin within mankind and this would lead to Satan being cast out of heaven and the unfolding of the history of the world.  As the LORD knows the end from the very beginning of all things, Isaiah 46:9-10, we who believe know it is all the plan of God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  For the LORD is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent one and there is nothing to occur that He has not foreseen.

Isaiah 65:16

“That he who blesseth himself in the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth”.  This is to say as we seek the true knowledge of God He will bless us with an understanding of Him.  I say an understanding rather than understanding because God is infinite and no man can comprehend the infinite God.  He gives us, all who are called and chosen of Him, insight into particular aspects of Him and just as the Bible is 66 books of Him it is 66, all slightly different, aspects of His nature.  Therefore we must read the entire Bible, with the blessing of God, to even begin to understand God.  Our Lord GOD is the Alpha and the Omega therefore if we seek Him first all other blessings will follow.  If you read of the called and chosen of God in His Bible you’ll find whether wealthy or poor once they came to know the God of truth they were usually content and at peace within themselves.  There is one who arguably may be an exception and that one is Jonah.

“And he that sweareth in the earth shall swear by the God of truth” is referring only to the called and chosen of God.  We know this because in the preceding verse the lost have all been destroyed; therefore the earth spoken of must be the new earth populated only by the called and chosen of God.  We also know that on this present earth we must not swear, at all: Matthew 5:33-37.  The final clause of this verse solidifies our findings as the LORD says “Because the former troubles are forgotten”.  These “former troubles” are the trials and tribulations of this life and they are forgotten because the called and chosen of God are now with the LORD and the events of this life are hidden, as the Christ paid our sin debt, from the LORD.

Isaiah 65:17-18

In verses 17 and 18 the LORD is speaking of the new heaven and earth.  He tells us the New Jerusalem and her people will be exactly as He desires.  The seed of sin that existed in Adam and Eve will not be in the people of the New Jerusalem; therefore we can not sin.

Isaiah 65:19-20

Our Lord GOD will dwell with us in the New Jerusalem and all sadness, tears and weeping shall be no more.  There will be only joy as we will live for an eternity, a hundred years; but the sinner is cursed for eternity: dead in soul and body.

Isaiah 65:21-23

Verse 21 the LORD is speaking of our work in this life to bring souls unto Him.  He is telling us that we will reap the fruits of our labors.

In verse 22 the LORD is telling us all, our labors in this life are not in vain as there will be no one to take that which He has empowered us to earn.  He continues to tell us we will eternally enjoy the work of our hands.

In verse 23 the LORD says our labors on this earth are not in vain and those we bring to Him shall know no trouble in the life to come.  The LORD has blessed all of His from the first unto the last as each person comes to the LORD by the one to take them His truth.  Therefore we are all the offspring of that one who bought us the truth.

Isaiah 65:24-25

In verse 24 we read of the attentive nature the LORD will have for His and in verse 25 the near incomprehensibility of the new life in the Christ.

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