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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:45 PM   [11 Jan 2012 | Wednesday]


Every person that has any religious belief no matter what it may be called thinks that they are going to heaven when they die. It makes no difference from where they received their information, they still believe that at the end of their lives on this earth that they will immediately be greeted at the gates of heaven and they will pass through into paradise…Unfortunately, this is not true, but no matter how hard one may try and direct them towards the proper way to salvation, these poor souls will not pay attention because they already believe that they are fine !!! Also unfortunately, people who claim to be Christians also believe that they are fine, but they are also wrong with their beliefs. Claiming Christianity is not a ticket to heaven. Christianity is not a belief as most Christians think, but it is a way of life that few actually live in that concept…

We have been given the Bible which is the words of God and in it are the instructions to reach paradise. This Book is not open to opinion and it is certainly not open to be altered or interpreted in any way because the words are the words of God. However, man seems to believe that he can change certain doctrine for any number of reasons and that they will still be fine. We are not going to quote biblical verses here because those who have read the Bible will know from whence these statements come, and those who have never read the Bible do not have any idea as to the proper method of reaching paradise…

God tells us how He wants us to behave and He is not about to accept our opinions or changes to His rules. The Old Testament not only gives us insight into the nature of man but also the nature of God when man does not follow His instructions. And, we see that very little has changed in His attitude in the New Testament. An example of this is as we see in Isaiah that God talks about when we go through the fire that we will not be hurt. It should be noted that it does not say “if” we go through the fire, it says “when” which means that we will go through the fire as a test of our faith. In the New Testament, Peter speaks about the fact that we should not be surprised when we go through the fiery trial.

Clearly the death of Jesus opened to us the opportunity to achieve salvation, but it did not guarantee it. His death redeemed us from the curse of the Jewish Laws and rules, but it did not mean that there were not new rules that we must follow in order to achieve salvation. As we read through the Epistles, we find many rulings for our behavior to which we must attempt to adhere to and live by. However, over the years, just as in the Old Testament, many of these rules were altered by man as if man had the right to do. It is difficult to understand how this can happen considering the warning that God gives to us at the very end of the Bible when He tells us that anyone that changes a single one of His words will not achieve salvation…

Salvation is a process that begins when we accept God as our Father and Jesus as our Savior. Jesus tells us of the steps of the process which is repeated within the Epistles along with other rules that we are expected to attempt to follow. We say attempt because it is impossible to be totally adherent to these rules, but we must, at least, try !!! We will know that we are going down the proper path as we are faced with the experiences described in the Bible begin to happen to us. And then, we WILL be tested !!! And, this test will not be easy. It may even feel as if we are being punished, but that is not true. Although our sins have been forgiven and God does not punish us, He sometimes chastises us for our benefit.

The problem is that over the years there have been many changes made by man to the original words given to us by God. And, usually a new denomination develops which explains the number of different and various denominations. Considering the words of God concerning making changes to His words, it is difficult to believe that He is willing to accept these changes and give salvation to those who follow the altered words. In fact, changes are still being made today and many of them are alterations to extremely important aspects of Christian doctrine. We are not ignorant of the power of persuasion of Satan, but the very elite will not be confused or corrupted.

It seems unreasonable to think that God would accept any changes made to His perfect words and anyone that follows an altered Bible may very well be in danger. We know how He handled the Old Testament souls that were disobedient to His words and we also know the He is the same “yesterday, today and tomorrow” !!!

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fs1 | Wed Jan 11, 2012, 09:01

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Agree, I would'nt knowingly alter the bible. Our behaviour is the key, And the behaviour is tied to our gratitude

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