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In a Child's Eye

Great Meeting this morning and encouraging. It is time to break the chains and remember who you are as a father in your child's eyes. It reminds me of my child hood and what I endured. I would not change the good or bad. It has created who I am today. I guess I can share a little bit of it. (Very short version) I was young and growing up in Cape Girardeau, Mo. when I first found out that my father died. I spent a many of days wondering why at such a young age that I was enduring some of the pain and suffering that I did. I just had to many questions and no answers. I would take a many walks deep in the woods to cry and search for my answers. It just hurt so bad and the pain was indescribable. I sought comfort and found none. I would scream my fathers name and ask why did you leave me? It was not until later that my Uncle Junior, Aunt Mary and Aunt Christine had most of the answers that I had sought. I found out that my father loved me very much and that he may be dead but he was very much alive in my heart. They told me he was with me all the time and that he would never leave me. I was a little confused at first but I felt it. They told me just to call out his name and he would be there with me in spirit. It was very comforting to know that my father would always be with me. I would call on him quite often and felt his presence. I would feel at ease and comforted almost instantly. The walks in the wood still continued but it was a little different. I would go and talk to my father and let him know what kind of problems I was having that day. I knew he was listening because I could feel it and problems would dissolve and a comfort would fall upon me. My Aunt's and Uncle would meet with me once a week. I look forward to the meetings, they would tell more about my father and I could not wait each week for this moment. I always felt special when they showed up. They would always show up in a bus and it was always the same time and same day each week. Although, the candy they handed out was enticing I knew in my heart I enjoyed the ride to the big house. The big house was beautiful and alot of picnic benches with a back on them and red cushions. I was still trying to figure out why they had so many picnic benches and only one table up front. I also remembered they would once a month eat crackers and drink kool-aid from a small cup and they would not share any with the younger kids. I thought how rude, everybody was so nice with the exception of this moment. They were so sincere and in heavy thought. My Aunt said I would understand when I was older. We would sit and sing and listen to a nice guy read us a book every week. Every once in awhile he would scream and some of the older people scream back and some of them would wake up out of a dead sleep. The guy up front would smile at me and wink and then I knew everything was ok. Thank you father for always being there for me and carrying me when I cannot walk. Thank you listening to my complaints and thank you for the blessings of my wife Anita and my two beautiful daughters. My earthly father is very much alive and I love him very much. My Aunt Mary, Aunt Christine, Uncle Junior and my mother are in a much bigger house now. They are in fact in a great kingdom. I love and miss them so much. My Aunts and Uncle were members of the New Testament Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo.. They were also in charge of the Bus Ministry. Remember who you are in a child's eye. God Bless.....

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